Outriders – Surprise Dev News Brings NEW PATCH! Some Great And Disappointing News!

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Outriders – Surprise Dev News Brings NEW PATCH! Some Great And Disappointing News!

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1 –https://www.reddit.com/r/outriders/comments/wgwspt/outriders_dev_update_august_5th_2022/
2 – https://twitter.com/Outriders/status/1555562242128678912


19 thoughts on “Outriders – Surprise Dev News Brings NEW PATCH! Some Great And Disappointing News!”

  1. Personally I don’t understand the big issue with only specific mods in certain slots. Getting the god roll gear is already hard enough so sliming down the mods to a selection of let’s be honest, excellent mods, I find to be much much better than a massivly diluted loot pool.

  2. Personally, for me, I wish PCF devs would implement a "clean slate/empty mod slots" feature on some, not all, APOC gear. Okay before everyone grabs their torches and pitchforks, please hear me out. Imagine running any mission in Outriders and getting a loot drop, armor or weapons, and all three mod slots is empty. You could mod your gear to fit your play style. Of course a drop like that would be extremally rare, but it would be worth the grind.

  3. Hmmmmm……. If PCF is not willing to put the time in to fix the mod system and make it so the mods work properly dropping in any slot on any piece of armour than whats not to say something else will happen to the game in the future that is worse and than them not want to fix that??? If PCF is not willing to put time in on a great game and fix whats broken than im not sure i want to put time in on a game that seems like PCF doesn't give a shit about.
    P.S. I have a feeling that the statement from PCF about mods is gonna start pushing more people away from the game….. I can tell you 1 thing i am SUPER close to giving up on outriders.

  4. I wouldn't say they wouldn't fix that. I think this only means they need more time to fix that issue. But they will likely get to it when they can. I Mean there still testing alot of other stuff. Took them abit to get item locking done but they got it done. So they'll get to it. They know there's a need for that fix, since they addressed it they are aware of it.

  5. If PCF can't fix the mods to limited gear problem then why don't they just let us re-roll the 3rd mod slot. surely that would be a solution and further build diversity.

  6. I'm wondering if this guy has ever been in a company that develops software. It's quite common for them not to have enough resources. It's just more shocking that they openly admit it. Lol

  7. I have a feeling time and resources available means for that particular patch coming this month. Nothing means they don’t make a patch in 1-2 months and I have a feeling there’s quite a few on or going on vacation. My gut feeling is they are also working on new content like New Horizon or a whole new DLC for 2023. Probably an Outriders 2 in a few years as well.

  8. one day out of no where this game will just announce no more content is coming just like godfall and anthem and monster hunter and babylons fall and stranger of paradise and marvel avengers

    stop using your imagination to dream up a scenario where everyone in the gaming community starts playing this game it will never happen its over

  9. Lol bro…u can't see that fixing the mods would be a monumental task and not worth having spending the time money to fix. Especially given they gave everyone a list of what drops where so u can focus your farming.


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