Outriders | Technomancer FIXING WAVE BUILD! IS THIS THE BEST BUILD????…. No it isn't


This build was my attempt at a fixing wave build…It went horribly, I am convinced there is no good way to run this build! Show me wrong in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Outriders | Technomancer FIXING WAVE BUILD! IS THIS THE BEST BUILD????…. No it isn't”

  1. The fact you tried to do a fixing wave build and said prove me wrong without running cycle with mr. Fix it. The 40
    % extra damage from the end of tech shaman combined with 50% extra from The cycle is 90% extra wep damage! Gimme my credit when you make a video bout it

  2. I found a bit of use from fixing wave when leveling with some friends that were prone to going down a lot, but were in the story not expeditions. With a timer on rewards I have not taken it again. If the cool down on quartermaster the same as the skill it's self I could see it useful in a rounds build on multiplayer where kills do not always register for ammo replenishment mods.

  3. You can run first tree with blighted rounds and fixing wave, does damage and your answer to not running out of bullets. You can run second tree with the monarch 3 piece 90% bonus on frozen enemies with blighted rounds, fixing wave and two cryo turrets. Just let go of your icicle storm and cold snap fascination. You can do good damage, CC and support. Use a gun with high bullet count.

  4. It actually do work but you need specific mods and skill tree set up. The juggler should be use with grand opening that's 300-400k per shot on a 1.5 sec reload. But borelis gives 90% weapon damage to frozen targets now so use the frozen AR with killing spree or dark sacrifice! Your gear should always be abnormally power cool down reduction and status


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