Outriders – The Best/Easiest Way To Farm Loot After The New Update Nerfs – Guaranteed Legendary

Here is a super easy Legendary Questline that many players thought was removed from the game. If you are fast and have quick load times, you can loot two legendaries per hour, plus tons of epic loot and resources.

Tracks by:
🎵 Music by Kalaido

🎵 Matt Quentin

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37 thoughts on “Outriders – The Best/Easiest Way To Farm Loot After The New Update Nerfs – Guaranteed Legendary”

  1. When I played the demo I lvld 4 charachters up to WT7 and thought I'd never see WT1 again… What with farming and rapid lvling I'm playing WT1 more than anything else 😂

  2. Enemies have to high a chance to drop legendaries..i say bullshit. World tier 15, 40hrs in and i have not had a single legendary drop. The only ones I've gotten are the ones given to you. I dont mind farming but this seems a bit much.

  3. Personally, I do it on WT15. Even though cranking down the difficulty is faster, I am increasing my normal drops from the elites. Still melting them pretty quickly.

  4. even when you farm this quest at world level 15, level 42 gears are the highest level reward you can get. but at Expedition level 10 you need gears that are at level 45, which this farming method will never be able to achieve.

  5. I still don't get it this game has so many legendary items that already rarely come out we bought the game why do they keep changing shit I don't want to farm all night or keep the same legendaries all game either

  6. FYI doing the same with Bounty hunts gets you weapons. Takes a bit longer cuz of mobs of course, but if you're looking for weapon mods of God rolls to level up to end game quality it's worth it.

    Drop to WT1, start from the east and kill the 9 bounties, leaving the Rift Town bounty last. Then switch to your highest WT and kick his ass (Rift Town bounty is the fastest and easiest, so you be able to body him quick). Go back to Trench Town and turn all 10 bounties in to Ujio to get your epics and legendary weapon. A full run took me about 45 minutes including load times (PS4 classic).

  7. I've been doing this before and after the bug was discovered/patched and I cannot get anything other than Thunderbird, Daimyo and Grim Marrow. I'm not even kidding, I've gotten over 20 legendary weapons and only have 7 tier 3 mods.

  8. Just do Expeditions – CT14 Silver or CT13 Gold shouldnt be too hard, CT15 Gold is actually 1 guaranteed leg per run (4x 25%.. best i got was 3 out of 1 run) .. Stargrave and Gates(?) of Enoch are a joke to finish on gold.


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