Outriders | THE BEST WEAPON MODS! And When to Choose Them!


With so much discussion around the best Firepower Weapon Mods I figured I would weigh in on why I would choose each mod, and their best spots to be used!

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Embalmer’s Rage Gameplay
03:35 Embalmer’s Rage Damage
03:40 Killing Spree Gameplay
07:33 Killing Spree Damage
07:43 Dark Sacrifice Gameplay
10:29 Dark Sacrifice Damage


9 thoughts on “Outriders | THE BEST WEAPON MODS! And When to Choose Them!”

  1. Good video, thanks.

    I am working on your DPS build and now that I am CT 15, thanks to your giving me CT10 and CT15 on your helping runs, I will fill it out.

    You think a Borealis/ freeze build would work with the right mods? Would you still use the toxic rounds because they are so good or go for 2 ice turrets? I am on PC but use a controller due to a carpal tunnel issues which makes it harder for me to crit as much as I would like. Frozen enemies as easier for me to hit in the crit spot. 🙂

  2. Nice vid! Did you get godrolled lego's today? I have so much 99.4k weapons after the group B restoration. Glad I could also get something even though my inventory didn't get wiped

  3. Just a small tip on that Chem Plant part where you say Killing Spree is worse then Dark Sacrefice, if you just poke your aim left for 1-2 secs and snipe 3 baby perporos or whatever, and aim back, you have 3x Killing Spree before Brood Mother has her animation complete 😛


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