Outriders – The ULTIMATE AP Pyromancer Build For End Game Post New Horizon – INSANE DAMAGE!

The New Horizon Update shook up previous AP Pyro Builds, with huge changes to Moaning Winds. Here’s how to make it even better with this new OP setup!

A huge shoutout to community moderator Spookyfnz for his knowledge on all things Pyro!

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►Acer Predator XB273K 27″ UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Monitor with VESA
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47 thoughts on “Outriders – The ULTIMATE AP Pyromancer Build For End Game Post New Horizon – INSANE DAMAGE!”

  1. WOW I can't believe how good this is. I got fed up using the pyro because I couldn't do any damage AT ALL. I think I'm one tier 3 mod short of this build, but I will eventually get it now. I cannot believe how crazy good this is, Thank You So much my friend this is absolutely insanely good.

  2. I dont have death sentence so instead i use untamed power which is so fun to play, it activate everytime you use a skill, and at the end if u use it correctly it does as much dmg as moaning winds. It does have it's disatvantages, cause you have to run to the middle of a pack of enemies and risk death but when you start spaming the living shit out of every skill you have and see everyone around you dissapear sattisfaction is guaranteed. Not a solo build thou.

  3. Im new on the game and started as a pyro, already in end game and have my own build for solo or group on ct15, this build looks like really fun too, it would be cool if they add Build slots on the game.

  4. Apparently I failed lol I mentioned in dev about other classes an you’ve already worked on it an done it lol. Awesome job an thx

    Question, where does Roaring Umbra drop? I haven’t gotten that weapon yet.

    Btw has anyone noticed that the duplication that isn’t supposed to be as often notice it happens a hella lot more? Least I’m under the impression it’s not supposed to but to me seems to happen a awful lot

  5. this is the class im working on now after techno, im almost at the ct levels….can't wait, pyro is my 2nd favorite class in this game, after this the trickster is next but pyro is awesome

  6. I honestly would legitimately enjoy this game if there was an open world section. All looter shooters have these areas to keep the game feeling fully instanced. Outriders feels so tiny.

  7. A few questions Lt.
    Why did you say if you can hipfire using funeral pyre it will unleash multiple claymore torrents and you can destroy mobs quickly ? Do you get more Shadow comets or claymore torrents if you hipfire? Does it hit more targets/ do more dmg ?
    Also – If heatwave does more dmg the more enemies it hits, then would not having 3x heatwaves be preferable ? If you used ride the wave & tidal wave mods both along with the other ?
    Why not use moaning winds with torment n agony instead of radiation splash ? I figured just to avoid the repetitiveness of moaning winds on every weapon.

  8. Man I have to level up to get the gear you guys have. I think I only have one Legendary weapon and I’m at lvl 38 as of now. So I will keep grinding and hopefully start getting the better gear…Love your channel, I actually watch your videos everyday…Thanks for the content

  9. Which build do you recommend when only playing coop? Im fresh lvl 30 with my friends and playing with volcanic shots and specc into ash breaker tree. How long is it viable? Or should i respecc?

  10. Question the ashen boost mod where you do 20% more damage against ash inflicted enemy's where do you get that can't find anything on YouTube, and the gloves and boots are the stats there fixed or do i have to get lucky.

  11. Pre New Horizons my Techno was my CT solo go-to. Now my Pyro feels better. I'm going to check this build out and see if it's an even better fit. I still plan on finding a Techno build that works for me later on.

  12. Mixed feelings about that build solo it's not bad and does damage but i notice against elites i struggle aswell with the bosses the trash mobs sure i oneshot but anything else it just don't work as good especially in a three man squad i do no damage against elites and i followed that build 100%

  13. i have to say that in outriders, by far my fave class is the pyromancer, but i always feel like i cant get out of the overheat ash blast build because it's the only thing i so far dont really have issues surviving while also doing enough, not great, but enough damage, i've tried hybrid builds which feels extremely glassy like a tiny perfo looks at you funny and 90% life gone, i've tried some other builds as well but i always end up having to return to overheat ash blast because i cant stand getting downed so often and have to get a squad member to res me :/

  14. How do oyu get ash blasts cooldown so low? I have all of the mods and gear with cooldown reduciton but its still at 16 seconds long cooldown.

    Does upgrading the cooldown reduction to max really make this muh of a difference? That's the only thing i havnt done yet.


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