OUTRIDERS – This is Breaking My Heart

OUTRIDERS – This is Breaking My Heart

The latest Outriders Patch / Outriders Update has been delayed!. I want to be positive about Outriders but the Devs seem to be trying to kill this game. After 40 videos on Outriders since Launch, I won’t be maining Outriders here anymore. I will keep on top of the Updates, and address any new content or DLC in the future.

What should I play now? Comment below and let me know

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5 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS – This is Breaking My Heart”

  1. Mate maybe try out Dark Alliance or possibly the Ascent when it's released in a few weeks.
    Dark Alliance has similar gameplay to outriders but melee style, very good ATM but kinda need content soon.
    Good video, first one from you I have seen keep it up dude hope to watch more and sub in the future depending on the games you decide to play.


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