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15 thoughts on “Outriders – THIS ONES ALL ON YOU!”

  1. My game is crashing now when it hadn’t done this before the last two patches. I’m stuck in a quandary, I hate Outriders, but I can’t stop playing. Another issue is I’m not finding any significant loot and many chests are missing when they didn’t before.

  2. I'm genuinely suprised people are still playing this (no troll) as there is legit no end game and all you're playing is time attack mode. The game is good but lacks so much, they need dlc's, they need to make the campaign bounties and hunts end game, they need mission specific loot for example the main mission that requires 40k drop pod things should have specific loot as it's a massive risk and pointless if you get the same stuff from other missions.

  3. I'm on xbox and still having problems signing in still lagging co-op is bs and the drop rates are still ridiculous and far as the updates it basically the same trash sorry but I can't praise a game that I'm playing if I'm still experiencing the same bs since launch

  4. The game needs much ….

    every talent tree need huge buffs the abilities and passives are weak as hell.

    Buff every mod their garbage for most part and even the best ones are still weak.

    buff exotics their only worthwhile for the mods making it a stupid af pointless weapon type to have in the game, either have them mods drop and purchasable from vendors (and remove every legendary weapon from the game) rework, or buff exotic weapons because the purple weapons still seem vastly superior than exotics which are supposed to be hugely more powerful, but their not.

    actually employ developers who know what their doing these devs seem more like interns than experienced developers, sorry to say but their clueless. They are incapable of ever fixing issues and releasing patches that indie developers seem capable of doing much quicker with less issues, with a fraction of PcF resources, budget and staff …. There's NO excuse!! Their supposed to be AAA devs, but they've not shown that !!

    stop lying about everything people seem to not see that they do this frequently which previously "promising" transparency, but not being truthful about much if anything.

    get another company in to work on Outriders Pcf have shown their incapable of doing anything with this game and after saying it took them 5 years to develop this, i laughed …. At most twelve months with four years time wasting and preparation. They should step down and have developers work on Outriders who actually know what their doing.

    Fixing the game seems a problem for them!! After four months they still can't fix the many glaring issues from day one release. RELEASE PATCHES WITHOUT CREATING TWICE AS MANY MORE!!

    Close their studios Pcf should just close their studios for good if this is the best a supposed AAA studio can do, their an embarrassment.

    That's just a few. Even dlc will see a minimal return if any and a waste of time.

    Releasing dlc will create more layers of issues on top of the ones they still have not been capable of fixing.

  5. I just simply want to get past tier 13. I've been stuck on tier 13 for months now, so I stopped playing it. I can't survive and feels like I'm doing hardly any damage to the enemies.

  6. I think ur vids are fair…even when u came across negative to some ppl…I feel u justified ur view..we all have off days with this game…I had no issues after the 2nd patch..but did get fed up after I put in over 200 hrs and still couldn't get certain items I had all characters maxed up. But this new video and what you covered at start sums it up and what we need.

    Players have dropped even I've stopped playing…but I loved it and I think it could/ could of been game of the year.

    Maybe to much to ask but I think ur the man to get this going.

    Get a petition for ppl to sign crowd fund something so they bring us what we want new dlc…new gear maps expos.

    This my 1st comment but I know there's more hammers who don't speak up out there.

    Ppl came together and got the zynderverse…we need to do same for bloody Outriders…I hate it and love it and I need more. All the best.

  7. I had high hopes for this game! The world tier system needs to go! Once your gear score hits 50! Than everything should drop at 50! Guns-armor! I’m on Xbox and it still sucks trying to log in or matchmaker! They def need CONTENT! But my fear is every time they do something, something else breaks! Hopefully PCF can get their stuff straight!

  8. I have been playing the game religiously since the demo.my thought is ever since the first patch which was in week one to nerf ruined the game and i caused all this.i agree the legendary drops still suck i still get doubles and nothing i need


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