Outriders Trainer & Cheats (No Sway, Super Rate of Fire, No Reload, No Recoil & More)

Download: https://wemod.gg/t/Dw5k-yt-d/dl

This Outriders trainer features more than 8 cheats and mods including:

Unlimited Health
No Reload
Unlimited Ammo
No Recoil
No Sway
Super Firerate
No Spread
Unlimited Resources

0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Super Rate of Fire
1:12 – No Recoil
1:27 – No Bloom
1:42 – Unlimited Resources

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41 thoughts on “Outriders Trainer & Cheats (No Sway, Super Rate of Fire, No Reload, No Recoil & More)”

  1. Say if i want to play Solo would i still be branded? or it only takes effect when i join people?
    or you just get branded with it period just for using WeMod?

  2. Remember: Your Outriders account will be permanently marked as a cheater by using these cheats! Once that happens, you will only be able to play with other cheaters.

  3. doesnt work for me. i press play on trainer, it says game is not installed. i click on repair button and replaces a missing data. even when i add one of this 2 exe datas into the trainer and press play, it doesnt work

  4. this worked great on the Demo, but with the full game the individual sliders that turn each mod on/off makes the sound like its activated but doesn't slide over, it starts to move the jumps right back to off, and now ill be at a huge disadvantage since i agreed to the cheat terms to be placed with other players that are gonna be max mod while I'm stuck using common and uncommon grade gear, I'm just not that good of a player to be able to play solo without the Trainer, I really cant complain, WeMod has come through for me on so many games.

  5. Hey WeMod. Let's say I use these cheats and then I'm branded as a cheater, does that mean that I would no longer be able to join friends or invite friends to my lobby? (Normal or Cross-play)

  6. For those who wants to use WeMod for Outrider and are concern of getting the "Cheater" watermark… The cheater watermark does NOT show on your HUD when playing solo. So, if you want to livestream playing the game by all means go for it. The only thing people will question whether you are cheating or not is the large amount of resources you have. But, then again, once you start farming T15 Expeditions you will max out in resources easily anyway. So, who is going to know? Just don't use WeMod when you are playing Co-op.

    Like any cheaters out there…. I have an excuse for cheating. LMAO
    I use WeMod for unlimited in-game currency to purchase all the items from the merchants so I can gather up enough Shards. Unlimited Shard is not in the WeMod cheat.

  7. WORKS but should update that to say ONES YOU USE THIS YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS!!!!!!!! cannot connect to anyone while using this! turn it off then can connect so its disables you from playing with friends should have a disclaimer on this

  8. Делаю всё положенное по инструкции, но игра просто не запускается, не может подключиться к серверам


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