Outriders Trickster Build No Tier 3 No Legendaries | Outriders Worldslayer

Are you a new player trying to level up an Outriders Trickster to Max Level before Worldslayer launches? Are you stuck at Challenge Tier 5, 10 or even 14. In which case, this No Tier 3, No Legendaries Trickster Build is for you.
This Outriders Trickster build uses only tier 1 and tier 2 mods and not a single legendary item. With it you will be able to complete every CT15.

0:00:00 No Tier 3 No Legendaries
0:00:22 How This Build Works
0:01:04 Class Tree
0:01:27 Skills
0:01:42 Gear and Mods
0:03:05 Build Guide Summary

Link to Trickster Tank Build:

Link to this Trickster No Tier 3 No Legendaries build on Outriders app:

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