OUTRIDERS UPDATE : Buffs May Be Too Little Too Late

OUTRIDERS UPDATE : Buffs May Be Too Little Too Late

We haven’t received an Update for Outriders. The last update we got on Reddit outlined the incoming Buffs for Outriders. Let’s break down all the buffs coming to Outriders in the next Patch.

Outriders Buffs Reddit

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1 thought on “OUTRIDERS UPDATE : Buffs May Be Too Little Too Late”

  1. Only thing that may get me to play this game again is new content, all the updates came too late for me as I was playing outriders since the demo. Been kick out of games, dashboarded on xbox, getting one shotted and low legendary drops contributed to my frustration not to mention the long wait for patches. So I moved on to other games. Unfortunately outriders is a good game I just can't bring myself to play anymore.


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