Outriders vs Gears of War | Direct Comparison

Direct Comparison of Square Enix and People Can Fly’s new cooperative RPG shooter, Outriders – and how it stacks up visually and from a gameplay perspective to the most recent entry to the Gears of War franchise, Gears 5.

I looked into comparing Outriders to Destiny, but aside from some familiar menus and systems – they are fundamentally different games altogether. Outriders feels much more like an RPG spinoff of Gears of War.

This makes sense because People Can Fly were the creators of “Gears of War Judgement” several years ago.

This video was created using a high-end PC, but even still – Outriders suffers from some significant performance and technical problems. It stutters constantly, disconnects frequently kicked me out of the game back to the menu, and I couldn’t even go back to record normal sound comparisons because of the poor server stability.

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49 thoughts on “Outriders vs Gears of War | Direct Comparison”

  1. Just a quick note I didnt mention here: outriders does have a snowy environment as well. I just couldnt record it because the servers being dead kept me from playing more yesterday afternoon.

    Still, my point stands. Gears has better variety overall

  2. What are you talking about? Outriders has "disappointing" visuals? The visuals are great in this game. Sorry that we do not gaze toward a tree's texture or zoom into a character face and count how many lines are there in their faces!!!

  3. Outriders is voor iedere console gears of war alleen Xbox omdat dat nog het enigen is waar ze winst op kunnen maken na keer op keer verliezen van ps4 en ps5 het is 160 miljoen tegen 30 miljoen. Daarom komt halo ook niet op de Ps4 en ps5 . account ps5 gaat naar ps6 account ps6 gaat naar ps7 dus blijf maar verliezen Xbox 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Well you see what your getting at. You say outsiders is like destiny. And well destiny one and two are trash. And well outsiders has a lot of similaritys to destiny so its basically trash and thats funny

  5. Both games are very reminiscent of the times at which they exist in with Gears heavy focus on graphics and story, and Outriders emphasis on feel and teamwork. Note the huge difference in voice, environment and gunplay for each. In gears the voices are deep and prevalent with softer gunplay and world sounds, whereas with Outriders the gunfire is deep, and the environment sounds more alive with soft voice tones.

  6. I got outriders, i hate the gameplay in destiny, love the gameplay in gears, but i wanted a looter shooter that didn't feel like shit to me, so it works, i just wish it looked better and was more polished instead of being shoved out the door like a little more than half baked pizza

  7. You focus a lot on the graphics, but at the end of the day if graphics are comparable, it's gameplay that counts the most and simply speaking, Outriders is a lot more fun and challenging to play. It's also more in depth with the RPG elements and battles are more dynamic with the ability to use special powers to help win the fight instead of basic cover and shoot tactics in Gears.


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