Outriders Worldslayer ENDGAME Trickster Build for Max Damage

Outriders Worldslayer ENDGAME Trickster Build for Max Damage. Take a look at my Trickster Build for max damage and see what you can do to be able to deal this amount of damage.

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9 thoughts on “Outriders Worldslayer ENDGAME Trickster Build for Max Damage”

  1. Outrider looks like new breed of dungeon crawler shooters which is awesome, and if they were to add plasma blades, pulse shuriken, you could dash and strike out as well.. Also, junction system from FF8 for hunting bosses for artifacts drop sync armor and weapons and unique gears and upgradables from legendary to new gear mythic level…

    The idea of that is growing more from world slayer to universal conqueror! keep the game fun!

  2. I have pretty much the same build but I use Sharpe eye and like your build I use personal space rather captain hunter thar 25 percent against everybody , rather than captain having 25 percent damage against elite. It took me along time to master the the trickster but once you do , I get kicked playing in groups more than any other character , doing 400 million damage and over 150 or so enemies killed will get you kicked often.


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