Outriders Worldslayer In A Nutshell

ah yes the “always online” experience.

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With new horrors to challenge you and new weapons, mods and gear to discover, you’ll be further developing your build through the new PAX hybrid branch class trees.

Survive the campaign and you’ll face even greater horrors in the Trials of Tarya Grata, the brand new endgame. Which partnered with Ascension Points offers a new long term progression system for the most committed players.

Finally, push hard through the new Apocalypse difficulty tiers, with each step up to level 40 increasing the chances of obtaining incredible Apocalypse gear and its game changing third mod slot.


30 thoughts on “Outriders Worldslayer In A Nutshell”

  1. yeah..i'll try again tomorrow hopefully the servers are stable by then. just wanna give ya'll something different before Sunbreak consumes us all.
    Thanks for tuning in, I love ya'll ❤

  2. Food fact: The coleslaw water is most likely a result of the salt and sugar pulling water out of the mayonnaise and cabbage. This process slows down considerably in cooler temperatures but when it warms up, the process speeds up as well.

  3. I like how all of your characters are named Vex like some weird video game cinematic universes of Vex, like we gonna get a crossover of all Vexes battling to be top Vex.


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