Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Anomaly ENDGAME BUILD for Max Damage

Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Anomaly ENDGAME BUILD for Max Damage. Take a look at how this technomancer build does the damage and how it will get you through the outriders worldslayer endgame and make gameplay easier. #laserbolt #outriders #outridersworldslayer

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5 thoughts on “Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Anomaly ENDGAME BUILD for Max Damage”

  1. Was looking for a good alternative to Burnt-out and power assimilation looks like it fits…I took bottom tree which gives me 170k anomaly power. Great vid. I'll make changes accordingly, since burnt out is currently showing in Worldslayer as a nerf to 2 stacks and 10% damage.

  2. Incredible build you have love pyromancer builds, i have 2 of them one with 3 pieces borealis set getting that 90 percent damage against frozen enemies , along death sentence , volcanic rounds , shatter , bullet Kindling, ultimate freezing bullets, and feed the flames , melt bosses in seconds.


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