Outriders Worldslayer Review – The Final Verdict

Outriders: Worldslayer continues the base game’s trends in every single way possible. Its story is bad, the antagonist is boring, and the zones feel wasted, but none of that matters because Outriders: Worldslayer still has some of the most interesting gameplay systems of any loot game. And most importantly, it’s still a lot of fun.


27 thoughts on “Outriders Worldslayer Review – The Final Verdict”

  1. Base game was really fun up until you're trying to get the really good gear/min max. Then it became a horrible bullet sponge game that barely rewarded you and just wasn't fun anymore due to difficulty spike and it also just straight up makes the cover based shooter part of the game pointless. I might pick up this dlc when it inevitably drops in price.

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  3. The problem with outriders has always been how shallow it is. The gameplay and gearing is second to few. But because of how hollow the rest of the game is, you burn out very quickly. This could have been a stellar live service game

  4. I was hoping for like, another big chapter in the game; another entire zone with stuff to look into. Sadly, this seems like a cash grab or an unfinished DLC at best. I enjoy the base game and all the systems, but I think I will wait for a sale. Thanks for your honest and in depth review.

  5. Where can i find the Ruiner Siren LMG???

    Still no Outriders Ruiner Siren LMG oO I STILL CAN'T COMPLETE THE WEAPONS SECTION!

    Get no respons eighter from People Can Fly … 🙁

    A short review regarding it might help. Thank you 😉

  6. I really like this game but about the bullet sponge, man o man all I can say if I don't entirely mind it but two things, one I hate super high number it's stupid to see numbers go in the millions, drives me nuts and always has, second it would be nice to at least have weak spots on enemies that won't let you strip their health unless you hit those spot or other Mechancs to express player skill rather than just shoot shoot shoot your brains out until enemy died. Like there could be so many things to add to require players to use environmental items to only damage enemy boss health bars like certain mechanics like acid pools, or barrels of molten led that will allow enemies health bars to be damaged idk some ideas maybe the devs thought that those ideas would be too rigorous for players to desire in the game but would be nice to set some skillfully events idk

  7. Anthem was the first and now Outriders is the second most dissapointing game in the looter/shooter genre for me. Outriders was fun for about 2 months even with my freinds, but the endgame was just boring and so unrewarding. Even when we went back for the New Horizions update it just felt like a waste of time and the loot drop rate was still terrible. Probably won’t even bother to try this out and if I do, won’t be expecting much of an improvement.

  8. I like picking up Outriders every now and then and playing a bit. Scratches that loot itch. I bounce around between this and Destiny 2 a couple times a year. The story isn't that bad, its just not that good either. Shoot the things, get the loot, move on.


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