Outriders: Worldslayer | Speedrun Solo Trickster | World Record | Archways of Enoch 6:04

Threw the potential sub 6 run. Iā€™m so bad šŸ™‚
Build Infographic: https://outriders.app/profiles/420
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4:12 World Record Solo Trickster Paxian Homestead: https://youtu.be/KshYKdu_S0k
2:31 World Record Solo Trickster Boom Town: https://youtu.be/Z5BEU8eORBg
3:46 Solo Technomancer City of Nomads: https://youtu.be/U6-kAVWYSwo
1:59 World Record Trio Boom Town: https://youtu.be/2W6G_UFyQZs
2:55 World Record Trio Paxian Homestead: https://youtu.be/5LMeG7CuPJk
3:13 World Record Trio Chem Plant: https://youtu.be/AW-2SByzGJ0

Worldslayer Videos

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7 thoughts on “Outriders: Worldslayer | Speedrun Solo Trickster | World Record | Archways of Enoch 6:04”

  1. It is impressive how much this game evolved since it's release. So fun to play with new builds. Keep posting. And I think that due to Anomaly Echo u can start with more AP if u just Melee (without enemies) right before starting any new wave. Maybe u will finish even faster šŸ™‚


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