Outriders WorldSlayer Update Is Disrespectful (RANT)

Almost as if they cut the campaign short just so we would have to purchase an additional 5 hours of campaign/endgame,Not to mention the very uninteresting story the first time around doesn’t make me want to play this expansion let alone pay the $30 for what should have been included in my day one purchase.


12 thoughts on “Outriders WorldSlayer Update Is Disrespectful (RANT)”

  1. I think it's a pretty good expansion. The trials are randomly generated and new loot, mods, and Pax tree. You can play the game with Apocalypse tiers. New enemies and bosses with different mechanics. What Expansion in history changes the gameplay of the base game? It's continuing the story. If you're looking for a new experience so soon, wait for Outriders 2. The Expeditions were repetitive, now we have randomized trials with trial exclusive enemies and bosses. That's to be expected, IMO.

  2. They shouldn't have blocked you. The expeditions are repetitive and no real replay ability in the campaign makes it worse. I think Worldslayer will address this, or atleast I hope. Your reasons are justified. Crossing my fingers on this expansion.


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