OUTRIDERS | XBOX SERIES X vs PS5 | First Impressions Patch 1.03

Please keep in mind this is a release patch 1.03 & that’s how I’m basing this comparison as .Also keep in mind that there will be more patch updates coming soon .For right now this is what I’m seeing on Both Versions of The Game . #XboxSeriesX #PS5 #Outriders


20 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS | XBOX SERIES X vs PS5 | First Impressions Patch 1.03”

  1. Got mine yesterday, haven't put it down. Really loving the Series X. Satisfies all my OCD needs with loading time, HDR, switching between game, and having that extra 150gbs of space helps a bit.

  2. Different areas are prettier than others. Why compare the beginning of the game to another get the same scene. They are identical. You mention this disparity 22 minutes in. Some people like to make conclusions based on nothing. You continue to disappoint. You will actually have more viewers when you figure out what integrity is, and adhere to it.


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