Technomancer Talent Points, Abilities, Subclasses, Everything Shaman Related – Outriders Preview

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30 thoughts on “Technomancer Talent Points, Abilities, Subclasses, Everything Shaman Related – Outriders Preview”

  1. I'm kinda worried by how basic all those skills look ? Sooo many of them are just boring stat increase "do more damage with X", "get more health back when Y". If I compare that to, say, a skill tree in BL3, with their capstones skill that sometime fundamentally change your ability on top of giving you stats increase, the Skills trees in Outrider aren't looking too hot.
    Now, granted, with height abilities, maybe we don't need to be able to modify them much to give many new way to play, but the skill looking boring do kinda remains true.

    Am I missing something ? Maybe you get modified abilities from your equipment and your guns.

  2. I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. The class and subclass systems look awesome but I'll have to try the demo to really get the feel of it. Movement is so important to me in games and I'm worried that its gonna feel like a clunky cover shooter. Trying not to make any judgements before I get in there though.

  3. Seems to me that all the trees are going to be comprised of incremental stat increases. Nothing inherently wrong with having those in said trees, but I would've liked to see capstone skills or something that changes the way an ability functions. Like "Your turret gains 10% extra damage", cool great, but what about turning it into a support turret that heals teammates too if you're playing a support focused Techno.


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