TELEPORT SHOTGUN! Outriders Legendary Bodysnatcher Pump Action!

Outriders Legendary Shotgun, The Bodysnatcher! Built in troll Tier 3 Mod is a fun one, but not good for endgame or any classes build. Maybe the combination of this with Singularity or something with delay, but I dont know. How do you feel about this one? One of the best looking Legendary Weapons, but probably one of the worst overall.

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38 thoughts on “TELEPORT SHOTGUN! Outriders Legendary Bodysnatcher Pump Action!”

  1. I haven't found this legendary weapon yet, but I think it might work well in maps like Boom Town, where normally i have to chase everyone down behind cover, now I can just teleport them to me (within a certain range).

    In terms of weapon I would try it with "killing spree" on assault rifle, or one of the cc rounds (freeze, ash and whatnot).

  2. i think using this on a trickster would go a lot better instead of a techno since trickster could get a crap ton of shotgun/close range damage and also like u said killing spree could be pretty good with the guns mod

  3. infinite tacos hell yeah! so it might have been for the gameplay clip but use turrets more with this. drop it for support dps on a cross angle for toxic for kill teleport and melt

  4. Pair it with the perk that gives you auto crits for 8 seconds after a kill and put it on a slug variant shotgun. I realize this is not possible, putting two tier 3 mods on a weapon that one of the mods didn’t come on originally, but damn that sounds fun!

  5. Heir to the desert with this mod in 2nd slot with freeze turret to hold them in place, while sandstorm does it thing. Maybe allowing you to use the behind cover increase damage mod. Just a theory, would love to see someone put it together to test.


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