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Today we take a look at two of the strongest weapons in Outriders. This weapons both use the tier 3 mods combination of Dark Sacrifice and Fortress to add an incredible amount of damage to any firepower build. These weapons are the Fatal Symbiont and the Deathshield. Using either of these weapons will give you the highest possible damage for firepower builds.
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Intro: 0:000:35
Mod #1: 0:360:42
Mod #2: 0:430:47
Mod Combination Info: 0:482:24
Legendary Weapon #1: 2:253:03
Legendary Weapon #2: 3:044:18
Outro: 4:194:40
Deathshield Gameplay *Broken*: 4:417:59
Fatal Symbiont Gameplay: 8:0011:48
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  1. This seems to be the absolute top end mod combination you can get for firepower builds.

    EDIT: It seems the Deathshield footage at the end up of the video is broken, seems to be an uploading issue with YouTube. Not sure if it will fix itself, but if not, it's just more footage using the Deathshield. The footage playing during my commentary is using the same weapon if you want to see how the Deathshield performs.

  2. Outriders is such a great game. 4fps, connection errors every 30mins, pointless cutscenes, outdated fast travel, insulting rng, 24k health but 1 shot by rifleman on WT8, statue build with only 1k damage, the list goes on.

  3. Where did the Fatal Symbiont drop for you? I'd like to have one too, I do have the Fortress. And your comment about health regen with the Techno is spot on. My Earthborn AR kills fast but Instead I use a maxed out Reaper because of the mag size and the health does stay up better with the auto firing LMG

  4. How much does firepower play in damage? I have a anomaly build pyro that I can get my God roll inferno seed over 200k firepower by using anomaly enhancement mod and it doesn't feel like I am doing for more damage. So is less firepower weapon with better AOE mod better than a weapon with better fire power but with a lesser damage mod? Let's use death shield as the example.

  5. Sadly no death shield yet, i have fatal symbiont though. I'm an anomaly bleed build devastator though. I am very upset and frustrated though, i worry if i get death shield will it disappear from my inventory when i try to equip it like funeral pyre did and i lost that. Needless to say i have contacted square enix support, this happened recently, yesterday morning and i dont even have the shadow comet mod anymore.

  6. and here I can't even get the deathshield. lol for me when I complete an expedition I mostly get armor. it's like 85 or 90% armor 10-15% weapons. I think out of every one I've done I've gotten like 2 weapons and probably 20 piece of armor.


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