The ONLY Rocket Launcher BUILD you need | Outriders Worldslayer

The ONLY Rocket Launcher BUILD you need | Outriders Worldslayer

Join me for The ONLY Rocket Launcher BUILD you need in Outriders Worldslayer

00:00 Intro
00:58 Build Showcase
04:11 Weapons
06:25 Armor and Mods
12:30 Skills and Rotation
13:10 Class Tree
14:49 Pax Choices
16:35 Ascension Points
17:52 Outro and Thanks

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12 thoughts on “The ONLY Rocket Launcher BUILD you need | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. tfm im going to tell u something that makes this build better… the healing ability that reloads, it reloads ur rockets too and run the 10% weapon damage mod as well, it works for rocket tooo…your welcome

  2. Minigun works way better on boss dps whilst rockets on adds/captains but i see you built around Rockets so it makes sense to use them. I run a Scrapnel/TOD/Cold snap build with 3 pieces of Torrential Downpour. It wrecks but am collecting pieces to make a Grim Inventor build

  3. ive been running this build for weeks and u have to run the healing ability its unlimited rockets, run all mods for ur rockets except run quartermaster and the 10% weapon damage healing mod, waste of time run cold snap and u dont need an armor set, better to make ur own unless u find god rolled legendarys

  4. Glad to see RPG techno on the channel. I’ve been running scrapnel RPG build (ran it this past outriders Thursday). Fixing wave quartermaster is a better alternative to pain launcher, though I love the pain launcher skill. Once they fix the bug a scrapnel/pain launcher/tools could be fun.

    Fun fact about fixing wave with quartermaster and the minigun. Fixing wave doesn’t stop you from shooting the minigun so you can literally hold down the trigger on the mini gun, his fixing wave as your ammo gets low and repeat. Lots of fun on the final arbiter.

  5. I agree this is pretty cool to run. But I'm using Techmonger Turrets (2 turrets), Cold Snap, and the Pain Launcher. With a mixture of bottom tree and middle tree. I'm set in on all AP first then use what ever you want. And my PAx tree is the top tree bottom line. Very viable to run.

  6. The damage for the rocket launcher should be much higher than what it is currently. I mean come on, It's a freaking rocket launcher!! Until PCF buff the skill, this build will be go into the category of "it's fun to switch things up every once and a while, but doesn't have the damage and clear speed to be a main build". Unfortunately most builds go into this category. Players will almost always choose the most efficient build. I was so excited to try this skill when the game dropped, but since release it has always been not quite good enough to use more than once in a while. Maybe I'm just spoiled as a pyro main, being used to deleting a map full of enemies in a few button presses


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