The Relic Grind: Examining FFXIV's Dungeons And Raids, And No Outriders Royalties Yet?? Ep 38

Welcome to the latest episode of The Relic Grind, Ready Check Raideo’s FFXIV/Square Enix podcast. Join our hosts as each week they dive into the latest and greatest from the world of Final Fantasy XIV and chime in on all things Square Enix! The Relic Grind is recorded live on our Twitch channel each Thursday at 7 PM Eastern. Stop by and hang out with us!

Hot on the heels of last week’s show, we continue the “new player” discussion in FFXIV by looking at raids, dungeons, trials, and some other key PvE pieces of content to see if they really are all that new players may expect them to be (and how they can be improved!) After that, it appears that Outriders hasn’t made any royalty money yet…but the Avengers expansion does give you a whole 3 hours of new content…yawn…

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1 thought on “The Relic Grind: Examining FFXIV's Dungeons And Raids, And No Outriders Royalties Yet?? Ep 38”

  1. Regarding the polar bear mount, #shillmode I made a video for how to get it in case anyone needs a quick guide on my channel #winkface

    Now, the Cruise Chaser mount, I feel like they 100% should have kept that one in-game as it was a boss mount. They could do a few things to allow it to be attainable ingame too. MGP reward with high cost, event reward at a later date or maybe a side quest added in Endwalker that you can unlock simply by having completed the raid, either retroactively or in the future.

    Imagine the quest as this: you get word that there is something going on in Idyllshire so you make a trip out there. You find out that the good tradesmen there happened across the scattered parts of the Cruise Chaser washed up on the riverbanks and they decided to put it together, hoping to program it to be useful for making swift deliveries or something. After putting it together however, it went nuts and they fled, leaving Cruise Chaser to running amock in the Dravanian Hinterlands. They ask you for your help, which leads to a trial, which involves a scaled-up version of Cruise Chaser with maybe a few changes to make it fresh. After defeating it, the people are able to reprogram it and decide that it's best that you take it so that you can keep an eye on it better and not let it threaten the people of Idyllshire again.

    Regarding unlocking content as a new player, I feel like the quests to unlock them are great. It also lets me keep my daily roulette randomness slightly more narrow so I can get comfortable with what I'm running through it a little easier before I tack on another piece of content I'm not super familiar with because I only ran it once and only half-remember the mechanics to.

    For whether Trials are raids though, I really think we're splitting hairs here more than anything, at least from a newcomer perspective. I still call Trials "raids" off and on because that's what I relate Trials to when compared to the large group content in WoW, even if it's a single boss dungeon (think Onyxia, sans trash). But if we're trying to solve a mechanical problem by differentiating them from Alliance raids and stuff, sure, I can understand that. I would absolutely love 8 people alliance raids as well, though.

    I prefer long-haired Tifa, personally. She's a badass, but I personally have a preference for long dark hair, so naturally my preference for my moving pixels is long dark hair, but we have Yufi to play the short dark hair role.


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