The Shell Outriders

Calling all bikers, it’s time to fuel up and take your love for biking to the next level. Shell is giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride with Paresh (@story_on_wheels) by registering for the Shell Advance Outriders Trail Contest. Up to 3 lucky winners will get to ride with our badass bikers and create new and exciting memories on wheels. All you got to do is:

1. Check out the 3 dream trails that The Shell Outriders are going to undertake.
2. Choose the Dream Trail that you would like to go on.
3. Post a story on your Facebook or Instagram telling us how you are an Outrider! Inspire us with your story and tell us why you should be the winner!
4. Use #ShellAdvanceFuelSave and #OutrideAnything on your posts
5. Enter the contest, copy the link of your post and paste it in the link, fill in your details and submit

Click here to participate

Terms & Conditions:
1. The winner will ride with the respective biker of the trail he/ she is declared the winner of.
2. The final route and dates will be communicated by the Shell Outriders.
3. The Shell outriders will design the entire road trip including stoppage, lodging, food etc
4. One needs to have a valid driving license of a two-wheeler, necessary insurance, and relevant documents of the two-wheeler to participate in the contest.
5. The trip expense will include food, fuel, accommodation and permits on the route designed from Point A to point B (Bike not included)
6. The decision of TOI and Shell is final and binding in the contest


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