The Walking Juggernaut TECHNOMANCER MINIGUN – Outriders: WorldSlayer Build-Theory Series

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3 thoughts on “The Walking Juggernaut TECHNOMANCER MINIGUN – Outriders: WorldSlayer Build-Theory Series”

  1. Be interesting to see how fixing wave works with lethal devices, just giving out some sort of toxic pulse every time it's used. How will initial striker work with the minigun though, isn't minigun anomaly power and if so if you've got higher firepower on a techno it'll be no use, I always get mixed up as to what it works on.

  2. I like this version a lot more than the last one. Think it shows a good bit more promise. Had a question about mag size though. Does anything involving mag size affect the ammo of rockets or minigun? Don't know off the top of my head. Anyway, maybe it'll be better than meme in WS


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