Things are looking pretty BLEAK | Outriders Worldslayer

Things are looking pretty BLEAK | Outriders Worldslayer

Join me as Things are looking pretty BLEAK in Outriders Worldslayer

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42 thoughts on “Things are looking pretty BLEAK | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. After the fall of the game Anthem, I just was hoping for a game to give me the feel of loving the game. Outriders has given me that feel and I really want this game to succeed and not fall like anthem did, I was really sad that game died, it had so much potential especially with the 2.0 that could have gave it some life to live longer. i just want Outriders to succeed and be great, cause i am having fun playing this game and I want more years to play this game.

  2. I played this game hard-core until Worldslayer. I got all four classes to level 30, bought the expansion as soon as it came out, and when I first played it I kind of had a “meh” response to it. I kept going, and the more I played, the more disappointed I felt. Then, I quit cold turkey. Hard stop. Personally, I think they did so many things wrong with the expansion. One of my biggest complaints is the apocalypse gear system (with 3 mods). In the vanilla game, it took SO long to get the right gear, then level it up. I made all these meta builds, then People Can Fly instantly made all of those builds useless, forcing me to start literally from scratch. If that isn’t enough, the pathetic stash space makes it impossible to create new builds, in my opinion. It’s almost as if you have to decide on ONE specific build, and grind the hell out of it hoping you get the right RNG, because there isn’t enough stash space to accumulate gear for several concurrent builds. I spent more time managing my inventory than I did playing worldslayer. There’s just a lot they got wrong, and made it instantly unenjoyable

  3. First off no matter what Outriders let me find out about your content. I'll always be grateful for that. You're amazing. If I made a game I'd want someone like you as an ambassador. Your points are all valid and well said. I have 1000+ hours in the game and 4 characters. I'm still not at AP 40 on any of them because the grind is too oppressive. I love the game but the not the grind yet I'm still playing. Hopefully they will address the obvious concerns but until then I will play as long as I can stand it and you give me hope. Thanks.

  4. Been taking breaks from it because I am sick of running the Trial. I would take a new game plus if it would help with grind. Really wish they would have left Apoc (previously CT) the same as vanilla Outriders. You beat the Trial on Apoc 16 and then move on to the next. 25 runs minimum and you are at max. Agree with ascension being the grind as mentioned in the video. Right now, it is taking me almost 14 trial runs with max rooms for one Apoc level at Apoc 38.

  5. I love Outriders but I've gotten to the point where my middle of the road play time is too little for the grind to progress. I've been playing every night since Worldslayer dropped and my highest is only AP 28. I can't play online because I've worried I'll wind up in a hacked game and lose all of my stuff. Makes me sad that I'm at the point where I'm moving on. I hope things change but it's no fun to feel like I'm stuck.

  6. I was on the Outriders discord and saw some guy offering AT40 carry runs. I was AT25 and I was like let's give it a try.

    I joined his lobby and immediately my character's apoc and ascension lvls got maxed out. I went from AT25 to AT40 and from like Ascension 35 to 200. Permanently.

    Wtf right? I had to delete that character and remade one because that was blatantly stupid. But the fact that I can join a cheater/modder's lobby and he can basically max my character is fucked up.

    Like have you heard of a multiplayer game where simply joining another person's game will max out or fuck up your own character? Wtf.

  7. I got to lvl40 finally, and now I'm not playing the game as much now as I can't make another class as it's way too long with AT. I'm happy with the game in most area's but it's the AT tier that is the worst part of it. People Can Fly needs to change that and they will get more people back. I won't play again until if they do another DLC or the AT gets fixed.

  8. I have thousands of hours in this game and now, I question myself as to why. There is no incentive to go forward. All I get is crap drops. Please PCF get rid of sniper rifles or make them usable. I can't use random joins because I don't want to risk loosing thousands of hours of grinded gear. Rotate mods in the third slot of Apoc legos. I think I am officially done with this game. I will drop in from time to time to see if there are any improvements but after the last incredibly lame update, I believe PCF have also decided they are done with this game. Thanks to Full Measure, I have enjoyed watching your daily videos and good luck to you, I can not imagine that you will be putting out many more if any Outriders videos going forward. There is really no reason. Thankfully there is a slate of new games in the near and more distant future coming out.

  9. the biggest issue for me is the stupidly hard apoc grind, before worldslayer came out I was really excited thinking we would all get to apoc 40 pretty quick, but we would still have a grind left in the acension levels, that would take maybe a year to get to acension level 200
    as it is I dont think I'll ever get more than one character to apoc 40
    the apoc grind should take maybe a week of hard play
    and the acension grind should take probably around 6 months to get 200

  10. Worldslayer really made me angry and toxic, and i hate myself for that weakness… but that's just because Outriders came too close to my heart. Over 1k Hours into it, all classes maxed (even min-maxed) in "New Horizon" and i really thought People can Fly are on the right way. I was so wrong. Bugs, trashy loot, radio silence for weeks…we already experienced all that before. New Horizon made me forgive but not forget.

    The damage is done (again) but this time Outriders won't recover. They could bring Outriders 2 in 2023 and they could make it good, they would still have a very hard time to sell it to the old Veterans. I would pass, for sure. People may can Fly but they don't change… and i really believe that they are stubborn, clueless about "fun" and their "vision of the game" is crap.

    It's sad that even the most loyal and positive Fan of Outriders had to make this Video… and that says A LOT about the state of Worldslayer.
    On the other side, i hoped that you would have made this video weeks ago. You cannot cuddle with People can Fly, you have to set them under pressure.
    The Podcast with the balancing Dev from PCF was such an opportunity to set their asses on fire, and i was dissapointed that there was nothing but "joking around".
    But today i understand that you are not the kind of Ambassador that can (or should) fight the hard way, and i was wrong to expect (or better demand) that from you. I'm sorry for that.

  11. Based on how they've handled this Outriders I'm not buying another PCF game. They've had enough time to fix things, but it seems to me that they don't care and neither do I.

  12. Loved the game and expansion, played about 250 hours of worldslayer but just not enough content to keep me as a loot junkie playing.
    Ive moved onto other loot games.

  13. The Grind is not just making people leaving the game faster, but it's making people like me leave the game F**** ANGRY and (almost) hating PCF, and even the game!
    40 Apoc levels was a VERY stupid retarded decision, and making the XP and loot grind this high, basically killed the game (at least for me).

  14. I agree with the comparisons to Anthem. This franchise could have been so, so, good. I really enjoy the game, just the lack of new content means that it quickly becomes monotonous, more so than a game like Diablo 3 which is a 10 year old game; at least D3s seasonal themes and things like that provide replayability. I wanted so much for Worldslayer to be amazing, and it was for a few weeks, and then it was just groundhog day in a real bad way.

  15. They need to fix matchmaking bro i play on a PS5 and it takes like 5 min to join someone and most of the time it dont ever work the scream keep stuck at 100% and almost 100% of the time when someone try to join me my game freezes and i have to close application or the loading takes forever and reach the point that my game freezes, that sucks so bad… a fcking PVE game that is suposed to play cooperative when the matchmakins doesn't work… i mean CONGRATS to People Can Fly u are doing a great job!! plus my NAT type is open btw so i don't have any problems to matchmaking and play mp in other games…

  16. You spoke right out of my heart mate. While i'm still playing and loving the game, i play it less then i used to. Though, i think, i'm one of those hardcoregrinders you mentioned, it doesn't hold my attention as it had at the beginning. I really hope Pcf will listen to one of their, most dedicated, Ambassadors and make some changes or some announcements at least.
    Thanks again for your video mate. Cheerz 👊🏼🖤

  17. Bro, we needed this video over a month ago, and we need the other Ambassadors to speak up like this as well. Moving from the Challenge system to an excessive XP grind was a huge mistake and Vet’s saw this immediately. This game pisses people off so much because it could be great, but they didn’t listen to the Beta testers or the community enough to get it there. It’s a shame really and Worldslayer was extremely disappointing to me. They may be able to turn it around, but it might be too late if they do.

    Anyways, thank you for this video. All of this needed to be said and I appreciate you stepping up and speaking the truth. Cheers 👍

  18. Pcf did a lot right with Outriders. The gameplay is phenomenal, the buildcraft is insane, they let you get completely ridiculous with builds/mods. Its really great stuff, but the whole structure of the game is just bad for a looter shooter. People Can Fly are the wrong developers for Outriders. They obviously don't have the resources to support a looter shooter where people constantly need new content to keep them interested. They woulda been better off making some kind of souls-like or 3rd person ARPG where they could make a great single-player experience, set it and forget it.

  19. I play Outriders for hours pretty much every day on PS4 as Trickster and all the bugs, the grind and lack of content “bug” me. That being said, I just love playing it. I’m Apoc Tier 32 – and it seems like I’ve been at that level for a month – with a completely unique build – utilizing aoe mods to boost shield beast – and I’m hoping this post can help me make some friends who also play regularly too. I don’t care what level you are or how you mod/play your character and my PSN name is Sonder2020. I’ll be playing all day today so hopefully I’ll see you then. Peace!

  20. Bruh you hit it I can’t do it the grind suck I can’t get to my other characters which is diversity and they took it away. I’m soo done but love the game wish it was there but it not. Still your subscriber see you in next game ✌️

  21. I’ve complained about the level grinding since about the time I reached mid 20’s with my pyro but I should say I also don’t mind a long grind either but it’s the utter LACK OF CONTENT and repetitive cycle of the same things in the same areas OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN only to barley reach the next level. The grind truly is insane and I sadly have given up on the game because of this.

  22. I discover this game about 1 and a half or 2 months before worldslayer. So I didn't play when expeditions had time limit. Or when you couldn't change the appearance of you're gear. I loved the game, what got my attention was the design of the gear and the 1st thing was the effects of the Pyro class (that is the only I played) burning and making enemies turn into dust. But I see that a lot of basic things that my favorite game has (Nioh 2 that I have 1500h ) that outriders don't have or just got. I miss for ex a possibilite to change my build from lava linch to another one and keep a "save"of my equipped build in case I want to change. Like in Nioh 2 I have okay shift build, purity build, ninjutsu build that if I want to change all the distributions points in the class I don't need to change manually one by one. All the gear , pax points , abilities or whatever you click and change it all. (I dint know if I making sense because English is not my most language) those things and the endless grind made me quit and play occasionally in time to time. And both nioh 2 and outriders I play solo . Nioh 2 100% and outriders about 98% solo, just like less then 10 times with strangers.

  23. You know, after what happened with Anthem, I'd not put much trust in producers laying out roadmaps how what and when will be released and/or fixed. There were major plans for Anthem where maybe half of them were touched at all, and out of that nothing was brought in the form that was planned. Then there was another roadmap how all that will be reworked and fixed and open new possibilities after the 1st roadmap failed. And that was also a laugh to develop.


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