Trespasser Trickster is amazing now | Outriders New Horizon

Trespasser Trickster is amazing now | Outriders New Horizon

Join me as we look at Trespasser Trickster and the changes made in the New Horizon patch. This class is amazing now!

00:00 Intro
00:43 Build Showcase and New Horizon Changes
04:03 Weapons
05:51 Armor & Mods
13:39 Skills
15:43 Class Tree
19:47 Outro and Thanks

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9 thoughts on “Trespasser Trickster is amazing now | Outriders New Horizon”

  1. The AP build trickster also benefits a lot from time rift, and AP stacking, with the 'a little bit of pain mod' that deals 71% of your AP power per second during 6 seconds. This is so OP that AP builds can basically kill all trash, captains and elites with ONLY the time rift, using temporal blade just to the really big stuff like brood mothers or bosses with three health bars, and even then you kill this with only one, at max two rotations of hunt the prey/time rift and temporal blade


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