Trials of Tarya Gratar vs Expeditions for EFFICIENCY | Outriders Worldslayer

Trials of Tarya Gratar vs Expeditions for EFFICIENCY | Outriders Worldslayer

Join me as we look at Trials of Tarya Gratar vs Expeditions for EFFICIENCY in Outriders Worldslayer

Eruption Pyromancer –

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34 thoughts on “Trials of Tarya Gratar vs Expeditions for EFFICIENCY | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. After doing 20 full run trials i could not bear to do another for the rest of the expansion. Expedition for me is much more fun so i enjoy doing it but the grind is just too much so i quit after like 2 weeks. still a great game.

  2. Always dropping vids at the perfect time for me, think these videos are really just as much enjoyable as they are informative, for me I do prefer expos now as I've suddenly been feeling off when I start a trials run because of all the rooms I have to go through so I just dip out and go through expos

  3. Outriders is just a funny game. PCF is like a super-talented person but who's absent-minded. They build the most awesome bicycle but forget to put in breaks.

    I can't bring myself to do Expeditions or Trials anymore. I maxed out a Techno and Pyro, and I'm done. However. I do have dreams of Outriders 2 and the 3rd person Borderlands I hoped the game would become.

    My main wish, just one, to keep it short because I have a list: Open world area with randomized world bosses, static dungeons, and dungeon entrances that lead to randomized dungeons because Enoch is shifting and seemingly growing. DLCs add new zones to the open world. Would be cool if the open world let us actually drive our truck, you know, the truck we at least used to be able to look at, but now with the basic AF Trials area, we don't even get to enjoy that. XD Damn this game! So much potential! Arrrg!

  4. Good info bro… for me the best way to get AE was the haurus in the dunes but pcf nerfed that… They fucked this game up big time… final fantasy is coming out 2023 Square Enix don't care about this game… I think this was to make a quick buck to work on other games… and I think worldslayer was already made they held on to it for sales… sorry for the rant just pissed this game was fire I still play it man just not how pcf wants me to play it fuck em

  5. Great video..sadly after listening to the breakdown all i hear even more now then before is…this grind is fking ridiculous and I think I'm about done…sad to see it go but the quantity of grinding with the lack of variety it's just redundant madness after this long.

  6. I must say good on you. I have always used your videos to understand the builds i want to try and your explanations are always spot on. I dont play that much due to personal activities and and and. I thought that your vids would be less due to the fact that you have covered EVERYTHING. Good to know atleast you still jamming with us.


  7. I simply run Expeditions to stock up on drop pod resources and that's all it's actually good for, once in a while I might luckily get an Apoc drop that might be useful, rare.

    Trials is only place to earn decent Apoc gear, that weird blue stuff, problem is it's boring as hell to play after a couple of runs. Unless you're struggling to kill things and might enjoy the tooth and nail fights, just going here to get resources is super boring.

    I don't think PCF had much content after Trials. I can't fathom what they'd have considering how weird as hell the DLC played out. The main bad guy really didn't do shit two cut scenes and both of them involved talking you to death and assuming you out of her hair, literally. Only thing I got from the DLC is that the people who arrived got seduced by the power and wanted it, notice nearly every altered is super aggressive for no good reason. Atuma words were basically the power corrupts and it did that to her people and the same happened with the humans. Strange is just what is the power though? Is the Father consciousness still there or is that the power itself that was whispering after you beat what's her face?!? Open to interpretation, but the Trials thing having an ending that seemingly raises more questions than it answered.

    Trials should have been a maze and have either a single rotating boss at the end, everything else is themed based on the boss enemy type. You go through the same stages battle champions and collect your loot. Lose the complete in one sitting BS and allow saving your progress server side. Allow for handicaps you can choose according to your Apoc tier to give yourself more or less of a challenge, boost rewards according to difficulty you imposed upon yourself. Or have a scale of what you prefer to get as rewards, Apoc legendary/epic or resources, no idea why the hell drop pod resources would be within trials to begin with, it makes no sense if you know the story.

    Allow for higher difficulty or new game+ runs off the story for better loot. The entire end game is about resources, and currently the game is very stingy with resources accumulation.

    Let's not forget the online portion is still ass. Playing with others results in me losing my cool down bonuses, so I have to solo everything and helping others only lasts one drop in mission, after that I have to leave or lose my cool downs and thus turn my play into garbage. I ran one expedition with a random bloke, no problem, the next mission took long to load and when it started I looked at my stats and my cooldown reduction was 0% from previous 54%. 🀦 No idea why that's the only stat that keeps getting initialize to original. Now when I log out of the game I remove all my gear so I don't get that dumb red splash when I choose a different avatar. Still broken, with no fix. Better than Anthem, but still not up to scratch with other games in terms of balancing enjoyment and purpose.

  8. I know this may sound crazy, but I haven't even done the full trials at all. The game is still new to me, so Ive been soloing expeditions for xp and gear. My real issue is the amount of duplicate legendarys I keep receiving. The RNG gods hate me. If I get one more Trigger Twitch mask I'll lose it!!!

  9. I've turned to grinding out the 3 pillars in EOTS. It's something different, like if PCF added an infinite horde mode. Plus you can get an entire ascension level in not too much time.

  10. Handy information to see but for me iam wanting a proper end game like raids with 6 people for example as the trail is so shit. A real missed opportunity and expeditions are fun but did them for a year so iam good.

  11. great breakdown. I've leaned towards expeditions because of the learning curve with the new gear I keep getting which changes my play style. Hoping I can get a build to the point thats optimized for trials and then i'll smash those out.

  12. Arbiter β€œexploit” is a shit take by PCF. Quitting after 1 kill is totally pointless. Make all the troves guaranteed apoc drops and MAYBE people won’t farm him forever. 3rd attempt is ALWAYS shit for apoc drops too. Nearly all my runs are 2-4 apoc on first 2 attemps, 0-1 apoc on 3rd, and 0-2 on 4th. RNG is so bad that not farming arby is just masochistic.

  13. I am just at level 35 on my Techno but it is the easiest to clear trials with. So I get all my anomaly points from Techno and then use expeditions for my other three characters and upgrade them from Techno. problem is even with Techno it is so expensive to upgrade you can not experiment with sets or even weapons so you have to choose one and hope you made the right choice. Even on Techno with turrets blazing, it is so hard to get to level 40, I am not sure I can endure until the game officially dies which could be sooner than later. Love the game but the grind….. oh my god. I typed in can't join friends in outriders and found many cheat modders in youtube that will sell you everything in outriders. beginning to think it is the only way to get ahead at this point since I can not randomly join groups anymore.

  14. I believe there is also still the bug where if you do not pick up the dropped loot from the final arbiter and go back to lobby to attempt again, that you get a double up of that dropped loot?

  15. I highly appreciate these analytical types of videos, very very well done 🍻
    Due to the average longer time investment of Trials I prefer the Expeditions but my experience with the resources is perfectly confirmed by you.

    For your question about things to try out. I just read someone saying that the drop chances become higher when you are running with purples and vice versa.
    Same would be that the mods and gear are most likely be the opposite of what you are using, e.g. running with Tripple Turret Techno that the chances are higher to get gear for Tools of destruction builds.
    Not sure if it would be worth checking this.
    Cheers for you 🍻

  16. I do have a completely random question for you and I guess you could use this for every game that you can remember, what's the coolest sounding name for a weapon/creature/item/zombie type or what have you, I'm curious what you may come up with: I think in my own memory I have never heard of a better name for a creature called a "Bandersnatcher" nothing has ever beaten than name ever, you can thank Resident Evil Code Veronica for that every now n again I'll randomly laugh about it and get asked "why are you laughing?" And they'll start chuckling too, gosh what a great name I'm naming my next pet that…. "Oh you've got a new pet! What's the name of ya parrot?… πŸ˜…

  17. My group runs expeditions (drop pods) for a while, then trials (anomaly extract) for a while.
    Rinse repeat.
    Helps keep it from being grindy because we do all rooms in the trials and all expeditions.
    Thanks for this video!

  18. It's awesome how detailed are that data you manage to get. Thanks a lot for confirming some of my presumptions. I was mixing both, measuring it in half an hour, the time of a full trial run with leapquake dev. The only thing I'd add to all this is how many 1 hours of full trials or expeditions can get you to the next apoc tier. In my case, I'm 38 apoc and doing a full trial run including the dungeon gives aproximately 1/20 of the xp needed, I wish we have the actual numbers to be sure. So it's almost 10-12 hours of grind for apoc 39. Mixing both I can assure to upgrade both my speedrun version and the one cicle arbiter version of the trials.
    I'm gonna get this one to 40 and leave all the other s in 25 or so. If nothing new comes to the game I don't really want all that grind for each class.


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