ULTIMATE Seismic Bleed Quake PERFECTED | Outriders Worldslayer

ULTIMATE Seismic Bleed Quake PERFECTED | Outriders Worldslayer

Join me as I cover the ULTIMATE Seismic Bleed Quake PERFECTED in Outriders Worldslayer

00:00 Intro
00:42 Build Showcase
02:52 Weapons
05:08 Armor Mods
10:05 Skills and Rotation
11:30 Class Tree
15:11 PAX Choices
18:39 Ascension Points
19:59 Outro and Thanks

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38 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Seismic Bleed Quake PERFECTED | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. I recorded the footage etc for this build before the latest patch and with it's release yesterday I contemplated whether I should redo the whole video, but after doing some testing this morning I haven't changed anything except changing Reflect Bullets for Endless Mass. Since ANY skill activates the buff from Paladin now we don't need Reflect anymore. Overall still a strong build but the time to kill on bosses(like the Arbiter) has suffered with the nerf to Despair and fixing of Mage's Rage, but still very capable of killing bosses and fast clears of Expos.

  2. I do really want to dip back into dev as it's the class I started with but after going so far into techno from the start of worldslayer I want to finish that first, but will defo be using this vid as reference when the time comes

  3. Hey I'm not sure if you're a Ambassador to outriders. However if you are let the dev's know for the Techno,the Grim inventors armor set isn't working correctly. Maybe its just me,however the pain launcher isn't refilling my rocket launcher for tool of destruction. It was working before the patch. Thank you.

  4. Try out Nikola's Revenge weapon perk alongside endless mass. Ive tested it on pyro and techno and it mobs pretty well even before stacking other status effects and anomaly bonuses. Ive been wanting a way to group enemies better, but i havent touched my Dev since before the first dlc (ok honestly its only lvl 6….)

  5. The commander set isn’t the best build and stuff.why you showing pre-patch build. Despair got a huge nerf. I’m gonna be testing soon the Concussioner set since one of its mods was bugged.

  6. Could you do a reforged pyro build? I haven’t seen anyone showcase that build with that set but I saw you using it for a little bit yesterday on stream and it looked really fun.

  7. Despair nerf destroys Devastator, 30% AP is a joke. My build does 70% less damage to the bosses with the nerf, it takes longer to kill the bosses (like the Arbiter) and the devastator feels so weak again. sad times for Devastator players. Multistrike is now capped and has only one stack. The third earthquake does less damage than the second. double nerf or a bug? the devastator isn't fun anymore…. feels so weak. trash mobs Killing is easy, but bosses… not anymore! I don't understand these 2 nerfs!

  8. I play this build and still still slaps but with the changes from the patch I decided to go with Endless Mass instead of Reflect bullets (since Paladin doesn't have to be a protection skill now). Using the mods High Intensity and Mosh Pit to help Despair out a little after it's nerfing.

  9. I use inpale from now on ,2 grav leap( despair still on ,3 inpales, 3 earth ,groundslams? Im from Holland, so english writhing is not that good ,Afrika no problem 😁

  10. I almost use same mods only not the toxic, like armor pierce ,omen ,firestorm, 'm.rage, a ar with killing spree deadnodrome ,twister ,suprising good ,and sharp eye ,captain hunter is good with the mods you use for anomaly

  11. I would replace reflect bullets with endless mass

    endless mass allows you to transmog enemies then guaranteed gravity leap with land and it groups all enemies… and tremor for bosses

    if you add in anomoly damage perk that increases anomoly power by number of enemies in close range and the damage goes through the roof

    I'm apoc level 39 devestator and things have changed up here

  12. I knew you'd be one of the first with the bangers after the patch. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Glad it still works after the update with Endless Mass. Need to start grinding my Dev.

  13. I am very concerned about the changes made to this class. The Devistator was a cannonball on release of worldslayer. With these changes I feel like, once again the Devistator is going to be left lagging behind the other classes.

  14. I ran expeditions at high and low apoc tiers and different characters and none of the runs gave me apoc legendary. Only non apoc legendary. There is no incentive to use the expeditions other than picking up some xp although less than TG. Very disappointing. I was getting so bored with just running TG over and over but that is the only way to add new builds if you want complete builds.


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