Weapon mods and the future meta | Outriders

Weapon mods and the future meta | Outriders
Join me as we discuss the 2 most recent Developer Thursdays, the mod meta(Moaning Winds, Fortress) and what’s most likely coming in the future.

00:00 Intro
01:44 Weapon mods patch notes
03:30 Thunderbird test(Strings of Gauss, Storm Whip)
06:15 Mods changes and goals discussion
07:52 Types of Outriders players and who changes are for
15:17 Future Meta and changes coming
17:46 Closing points and message to PCF
19:42 Outro and Thanks

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20 thoughts on “Weapon mods and the future meta | Outriders”

  1. This game really has no future and that is due to the incompetence of the dev team. The shit they have pulled with this game is insane.

    First they nerfed bullet builds because they thought the game hasn't enough build variety. Completely ignoring the fact that around 80% of mods are complete garbage and everyone is running the same stuff anyway.

    Second they messed up damage mitigation and lied for around two months about it. Then they finally admitted this is a problem but even then it took them two more additional months to fix it.

    Yes the game is better now after they buffed every class again. It feels more in line how the game originally launched. But the damage is done at this point. People don't stick around for 6 to 10 months AFTER you fixed your mistakes. How many people are left at this point? Square Enix is not willing to put any additional funding I a game that doesn't pull in the numbers.

    Unless they bring an amazing DLC, in the same vein of The Taken King for destiny 1, I don't see a comeback for this game. Its a shame this game is as good as it is with those developers in charge. What a bunch of hacks.

  2. @fullmeasure i still play this game everyday. I only use the two gun meta for moaning winds and of course death shield and shadow comet. I primarily use ap builds. I totally agree that the only thing that’s needed to fix the issue is to just extend the timers. I have a separate question on a different issue: am i the only one that gets loot that rarely rewards legendary weapons? 99.9 percent is armor for me. How can i fix this?

  3. I’m in the first of four groups with you and agree with your assessment of what PCF development priorities should be. Hopefully they have a list of the reasonable Outriders creators on YT and receive your feedback. Excellent read on the community.

  4. Well said, but I think you may be missing something: namely, that none of this is an either/or situation. You and PCF can BOTH be right at the same time. And what I mean is, it can be true that, for example, Moaning Winds is too dominant and ALSO that the meta issue can be addressed by extending the expo timers. Consider that the final numbers or mechanics you see in any game on any item are just what happened to prevail by the time the product shipped. It doesn’t mean it’s what the devs “intended.” It can even be that what you have is actually the product of a bug rather than any intentionality. The latter was what happened with bullet builds at release. Many people interpreted the early change as a nerf when it fact it was correcting a bug—as in, the bullet skills weren’t intended to work the way they were in the first place. The irony is that even after this “nerf” bullet builds easily remained king.

    The other evidence for adjusting item performance up or down is that we’ve also seen buffs to how various skills work. Doesn’t that indicate that whatever state those skills were at release was either not intended (e.g. there wasn’t enough time to test) or was only later discovered to be somehow not ideal? And if that’s true then logic dictates that it’s also possible for items to be overtuned. What does that mean? It means the argument that nothing should ever be nerfed makes no sense. If items can be buffed—for whatever reason—then it follows that items can also be “nerfed.” That’s literally what balance is: adjusting TWO sides of an equation until some desired equilibrium is met.

  5. I wish I could give this a whole sack of thumbs-up! The people are complaining about the timers and complaining that they can't get the meta loot/mods needed to beat the timer…I've played 3 characters almost daily since launch and still have never seen an Anemoi. They increase the drop rates, but doesn't come close to guaranteeing the mods of which you seek. Now they want to do something about the mods because people are complaining about build diversity???? It all comes back to people feeling like they can't have fun because they can't do what they want AND beat the timer, when it is perfectly fine to do what you want and ignore the timer.

    Yes…they should look at the solo gameplay data and see which expeditions get the least gold times at higher tiers without meta builds. They should also look at which expeditions get played the least. These are going to be the expeditions that need a timer modification.

  6. Indeed I Love the way I have my Devastator built and it is always satisfying to play until it comes to the gold times. I find myself mostly playing my Meta Pyro to ensure I hit my gold times. Adjusting the timers would allow me to play how I want to and get me to play it more. Nerfing just about anything at this point is more likely to result in an uninstall.

  7. My buddies and I just got back into this game after the character wipe. Appreciate the material helping us figure everything going on 👍🏻

    . Random but what’s the song playing with the pyro gameplay?

  8. I'd put myself in group number 5: hundreds of hours played and still can't get a deathshield to drop. I have all these ideas for builds or fun build from folks like you that I'm itching to try, but this grind is getting hard to stay interested in.

    The idea to slow down the expedition times is elegant and brilliant. I'm not here to be sweaty. I'm here to try builds and have fun. Right now I have to play the same firepower builds because it's the key to unlocking the gear that can let me actually have fun.

    I'd hate to see nerfs, and it would be awesome to keep seeing buffs on gear I already have so I don't have to chase it. That said I wouldn't be shocked to see nerfs to something like fortress that clearly don't work as intended.

  9. spot on and thanx for posting this, I agree 100% with you. If they do nerf Moaning winds this will be that straw for a lot of peeps ,not that there are a lot left, and will kill the game. I really don't understand either why they feel the need to dictate the way we play the game.

  10. There have to be mods that just don't work on Xbox. I've made 2 builds all the way down to the exact same mods and gear stats that you've recommended and they don't even do half the damage yours does. I quit playing. Shits a waste of time

  11. problem is dev's listen to people not playing the game and listening to social media which isnt indicative of the rest of the remaining population and to top it off when you have the majority of village idiots saying the same thing X, Y and Z its what they listen to instead of individuals ive seen this same exact mentality in a previous game and the dev's literally nuked their whole game into complete total oblivion. Also take note that they listen to huge video game streamers as if they are god's gift. Most of the top tier video game streamer's that play complex games are utter and complete trash with games that have a complex vibe or interesting ideas

  12. Agree completely! Don't nerf anything in single/coop game. No one has an advantage over anyone else and no one is saying "man I wish this map took longer" or "I wish my teammates were less powerful". The only ones complaining are the those that will complain about something no matter what; so changing one thing just means they complain about another. Love your vids! Cheers!

  13. I could say I'm currently a player that falls in between group 1 and 2 although I'm technically not in either of them because of 2 issues I have with the game.

    I would like to be able to do both groups but because of the lack of a viable inventory management system (armory) where I'm able manage my builds, items or whatever more efficiently I find it very tedious to keep making sure that I don't delete that one particular epic that's so crucial to my build. It just puts me off experimenting further.

    The other major issue is I do believe that the "meta" for almost all classes is too restrictive and in a game like outriders it would be more interesting if they had at least one other viable option other than the moaning wind, fortress or killing spree, dark sacrifice routes.

  14. I think you’re right on point. Giving gamers tools to use and then taking them away or making them less effective is ridiculous. Nerfing is not going to bring people back to the game at all. If this happens there will be a mass exodus, nail in the coffin moment. More content will bring people back. I truly hope that PCF watches your video and reads the comments. For those complaining that something is too effective “in there opinion” real should make better use of there time. Really how is it negatively affecting them? Keep up the good work Full Measure. You’re the man! Love your content.


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