Why Outriders May Be Running Out Of Time | CURRENT State Of The Game

What up everybody? Here is to hoping that this game gets some love in the near future.


9 thoughts on “Why Outriders May Be Running Out Of Time | CURRENT State Of The Game”

  1. They should've built the interface to allow multiple "load outs" or "kits" per character. Along the lines of COD where I can have one character and have multiple load out slots that i can switch to and use the inventory i possess for that character, across all load outs. Having to farm out a whole brand new character is just crazy. I only play on the weekends and there's NO WAY it feasible to think about running the grind for additional builds.

  2. It's the exact same situation then last year, after weeks of radio silence, right before they buffed the legendary droprate by 100%. We've been through all of this before and People Can Fly learned nothing.
    Worldslayer feels like a trashy mobile game… Almost no content, zero loot, zero progression. Players desperately begged for better loot and got nothing but nerfs.

    I don't need patches, DLC's, "New Horizon" turnarounds, let alone Outriders 2 anymore, i'm beyond that point. I just want to see Outriders, People Can Fly and their whole pigheaded "vision of the game" burn to hell.

    Maybe tons of casual players left dissapointed, but as a die hard fan with nearly 1k hours into Outriders, i turned away with a broken heart

  3. Ye grind is waaaaay to much they need to share exp for every character or something i have 300+ hours and still 32lvl ??? And this is only 1 char ??? + boring repeatable grind…

  4. Def agree with the apoc grind reduction as my dev is on apoc 33 and my techno is 37 and I see cool pyro and trickster builds that I wanna try out but the grind is just too much. And they DEFINITELY need loadouts, they’ve promised that not long since launch and I’m still waiting. I know they’re looking onto moving to the sequel but don’t leave your loyal fan base in the cold without implementing some real qol issues before going. That’s it for my rant now I’m back to grinding 😂

  5. For me it’s out of time. They are doing some things very very VERY wrong. No rewards = no players and I’m not going to keep coming back. Not only that but the lack of endgame content and the excessive grind isn’t going to keep players and not going to get new ones either.

    This has been an ongoing issue since day one and they need to finish quality of life patches and move on.


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