Best Looter Shooter Ever? | Outriders WorldSlayer

Join me as I play every looter shooter to find the Best Looter Shooter Ever. In this video, I am looking at Outriders WorldSlayer. Outriders WorldSlayer combines slick aggressive combat, a build system that encourages creativity, imaginative and awesome looking loot, and without doubt the best transmog system in any looter shooter, all wrapped up in a b-movie sci fi universe.

But is it, the best looter shooter ever?


0:00:00 Best Looter Shooter Ever
0:00:18 Botched Launch
0:01:18 Journey to the End Game
0:04:14 Combat
0:04:41 Build Creation
0:05:29 Loot
0:06:04 End Game
0:07:35 Player Base
0:08:07 Is This The Best?


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9 thoughts on “Best Looter Shooter Ever? | Outriders WorldSlayer”

  1. Yes it is super repetitive but I still love it. I play in intervals so I don't get burned out on the same content. Also will just play one class for a week then switch it up. Once you find a game you really enjoy you will always come back to it. I still play the original Tecmo bowl on Nintendo for the same reason.

  2. I’m really hoping that PCF makes an Outriders 2 and really makes sure to take time and get the game dialed in.
    They could make an amazing story on Enoch. Changing the cringe dialogue and some better story writing could make for an absolutely amazing campaign

  3. Everytime I tried playing outriders it was always down. Want a really good game.. The ideas from outriders and destiny came from warframe.. it’s the most popular most played for a reason! Completely free too been around since 2008! 💯

  4. This is a nice summary of the Outriders experience in the last 1.5 years. Its strengths make it very entertaining, but it also has some flaws which can be very annoying.

    A comprehensive update (New Horizon 2.0?) would be so nice to address these issues but looks like there will be no big patches / updates anymore. The other day I was thinking perhaps a sequel will fix all those flaws. But then, our experience was something new and it will never be strong as we had with the original one…

    I can't tell you if it's the best looter shooter, but I (have decided to) enjoy this game as it is.



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