Do THIS in The Outriders Demo To Get Ahead! Details + Tips!

The Outriders Demo is going live soon and this video will cover the details and a few tips I think will be very useful before the launch of the game! It’s going to involve some grinding but better to do it now so you can upgrade your gear and weapons quicker than others at launch!
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4 thoughts on “Do THIS in The Outriders Demo To Get Ahead! Details + Tips!”

  1. Good and to the point. But I snuff when I see cross play as a feature. I rather just stick to playing on the same platform. Especially, today was a ddos attack on all gaming platforms, YouTube, etc. And hackers are always from the PC side.

  2. It's not like the character creation is so indept, For a 60$ game there isnt mutch to choose from.
    I think this 60$ price range will be to mutch for people to try it out.
    The demo does a poor job of showing you all the features and whats it like on endgame.


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