Does SPEEDRUN PYRO still MELT? | Outriders Worldslayer

Does SPEEDRUN PYRO still MELT? | Outriders Worldslayer Join me to answer the most important question ever, Does …


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  1. im running temporal blade cyclone slice borrowed time anomaly trickster build they need to buff cyclone slice, they need to nerf all fire power builds an anomaly power skills that can do long rang or buff the ones an things that dont do that cuz the fire power an long rang build run throw alot quicker an they have more mods

  2. I'm still using all five purple pieces of my speedrun pyro build from the base game. I've gone up to apocalypse tier 24 and I have not yet found one single apocalypse purple upgrade I can actually use… And I have still yet to see heat seeker head or chest,(I got the pants but they're only level 51) so I can't try that out yet. That said, old school speedrun pyro still slaps pretty hard. 4 billion damage plus on a trials clear the other day… Guess I'll just keep upgrading my old school purples until I get a full set of heat seeker.


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