FIRE and ICE Pyromancer UPDATED | Outriders Worldslayer

FIRE and ICE Pyromancer UPDATED | Outriders Worldslayer

Join me as we look at FIRE and ICE Pyromancer UPDATED in Outriders Worldslayer

00:00 Intro
00:56 Build Showcase
02:36 Weapons
04:35 Armor and Mods
09:36 Skills and Rotation
11:51 Class Tree
14:01 PAX Choices
16:00 Ascension Points
17:17 Outro and Thanks

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11 thoughts on “FIRE and ICE Pyromancer UPDATED | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. I use a firepower cirt based build. For armor I use Torturer's for shared dmg and greater burn radius on Volcanit rounds. I use no resistance and unstoppable force to boost by resistance piercing (and my skill tree and weapons have armor piercing on them) then add in Achilles Heel, Plate Piercer and Resistance Piercer. I use the top Pax bottom tree – specifically solar flare which stacks 15% more crit per skill used for six second and Critial Mass which turns all shots to Critical on Marked targets (Criticals on Marked targets) – Skills are FTF, Ash Blast and Volcanic Rounds – FTF to keep VR up and boost firewpower, Ash to mark targets. Both my weapons have Stigmatized on them too, marking targets as well. Ashen Wake shares the damaage across all ashed targets in 4 meter radiius. Shit just pops and explodes everywhere lol.


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