OUTRIDERS – 20+ NEW LEGENDARIES WEAPONS NOT IN THE DEMO – Amazing Legendary Weapons – 141 Legendarys

20+ New Legendary Weapons Not In The Outriders Demo.
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41 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS – 20+ NEW LEGENDARIES WEAPONS NOT IN THE DEMO – Amazing Legendary Weapons – 141 Legendarys”

  1. I think people farming the demo are going to feel pretty dumb when they realize how loot (rolls), crafting, and drops (world tiers) really work.

    If they are having fun so be it but I have a strong feeling those putting in 100 demo hours can just put 10 hours of a high world tier with better results (since they will be above max char level).

    Not that happy with performance but trying each class to rank 7 with a few extra runs to get some mods and decide which I might want to main (leaning technomancer).

  2. 95 legendary armor pieces means 5 full legendary sets for each class if my calculations are right:
    95 in total and there are 4 classes and each set has 5 pieces( head,body,gloves,pants,boots) which means 95/4=23.75/5=4,75. Might be wrong idk

  3. Very extensive collection. You really did your homework! I love not only the looks of the legendaries in Outriders (take notes Anthem), but also that they can be improved upon so they won't be obsolete after level 7. This game does a lot right. I hope we don't have limits to how much we can mod or improve a weapon like we do in Division 2.

  4. I would love to be on that server. Hundreds of videos boasting the same methods, inverted ways, time changes, PC only back doors…RNG must be configured into content creators consoles so they can keep their side gigs.

  5. Out of all the looter-shooters I have played, the aesthetics and overall looks of the legendaries in Outriders are by far some of the coolest-looking weapons I've ever seen. I especially really like the look of the legendary armor sets too.

  6. I swear alot of people are hating on a demo😂 and it seems to be destiny 2 fanboys most of the time bungie should take notes on how to make legendarys look unique imo


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