Outriders 5 NEW LEGENDARIES Coming to the Worldslayer Expansion!

In this video we are looking at Outriders and 5 new legendaries that are coming to the Worldslayer expansion. Before we take a look at the legendary weapons and their mods I go on a little rant because there is no info about the expansion anywhere besides their Twitter account and the reveal they did. If you go to the main website for the Outriders Worldslayer expansion you’ll be greeted with information about the base game, if you then navigate to the upgrade section it will provide an incredibly small amount of info about what to expect. They’ve kept the Outriders Worldslayer expansion reveals to a minimum and with the red flags or concerns I have based on the closed beta they’re running it doesn’t seem good in my opinion although we’ll have some gameplay to look at very soon. Let me know your thoughts about the Outriders Worldslayer expansion in the comments below 😀

0:00 – Intro/Complaint about lack of expansion info
3:01 – Deathscape: Legendary Assault Rifle
5:02 – Sunfall: Legendary Submachine Gun
5:30 – Vortex: Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle
6:00 – Charred Lance: Legendary Double Gun
6:27 – Mythos: Legendary Light Machinegun

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