Outriders PC Requirements and Technical Breakdown

Outriders PC requirements
Outriders Ultra settings
Outriders Graphics settings
Outriders PC spec
Outriders crossplay
Outriders PVP
Outriders online
Outriders demo
Everything you need to know about Outriders
Outriders 2021
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10 thoughts on “Outriders PC Requirements and Technical Breakdown”

  1. Yoo ma Brother, please can you ask them if they have any info concerning next gen consoles, I'm planning to get this game for ps5 and i wanna know if they have any additional features or is there going to be any difference for next gen.

  2. Mannn why no dedicated photo mode😩😩😩 so wait console ain't getting any fov slider? Nothing for us console pesents 🤔 damm looks like I'm forced to build a $3000 gaming pc😒😂 jk jk I love this guy's enthusiasm in the video, he can definitely make you wanna buy the game haha looks like you'll be getting this game day one huh bro? Lol


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