Outriders | Ruined by Gamepass?

The most recent Outriders patch took aim at more problems, but People Can Fly may have even bigger struggles. An Outriders update today shows they have not been paid any royalties yet and Xbox Game Pass could be to blame.

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6 thoughts on “Outriders | Ruined by Gamepass?”

  1. Nah outsiders was ruined by lame patches bad balancing spotty servers and the fan base finding out that you couldnt get legendaries until endgame and that the drop rate was so fucking low it wasn't worth the grind. Not the mention the classes were super unbalanced and for 2 months after release the technomancer was the only viable class for the hardest end game content then a bunch of bugs appeared where you just die instantly for no reason and it had something to do with another bug that was with your defense stat and yeah you get the idea its not game pass it was a fucking hot mess at no fault but the devs for refusing to do what the community wanted.

  2. What crushed this game is bugs, end of story.

    This is interesting though, despite the recent news from PCF, SE just posted this on the Outriders Twitter,

    "Our plans for the future of Outriders remain unaffected. Nothing has changed.

    We, together with People Can Fly, are continuing to work closely together on improving and expanding the core Outriders experience on all platforms and remain very excited for the future of the game.

    It is worth mentioning that, as our patches to date have and are continuing to address most of the bugs that players may have experienced, our teams are beginning to shift more focus towards working on and implementing much requested new features and content."


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