OUTRIDERS // THE DEV'S PATCHED A DEMO?! ( No More Chest Farm or Epics! )

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taking a look at the patch notes, that the dev’s released for the Outrider Demo! Taking away chest farms and epics. But fixing a lot of known issues within the game!

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21 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS // THE DEV'S PATCHED A DEMO?! ( No More Chest Farm or Epics! )”

  1. I understand the whole the more you farm now the more you'll blow through the game but I really feel satisfied when all my grinding plays off by never hitting a wall and being prepared for end game. Cuz that endgame looks fucking awesome.

  2. Im scared of the fact after we beat the demo area (not side quests) no enemies spawn.. i hope enemies spawn randomly (in areas we completed) in the full version and not only in side quests, tho i wonder how the convoy system will work in this game, im thinking they might nerf trickster post launch its kinda op imo can virtually one-two shot enemies and some guns can apply the damage to nearby enemies with their mods, sorry for the jumpy comment of run on thoughts 😅


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