Outriders: The NEXT Destiny Killer or The Next Anthem?

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40 thoughts on “Outriders: The NEXT Destiny Killer or The Next Anthem?”

  1. wide handling of many aspects of outriders, which is good! but this hardcore cringe "lightning crackle" and other stuff… literally wtf
    its not funny, it doesnt add anything, its just pure natural cringe!

  2. Im still a bit meh on Outrider, bus im glad there's a new PvE player on the market, but with the hustler all the "release the beta, and fill in the gaps later" BS we've seen over the last couple of years, I think I'll treat it as a Ubisoft AC game.
    Give it two months after rel. to see what kind of xp nerf n xp booster BS that might be added later on befor i commit to a product that may never be completely as it was sold.

    Not all gamers prefer PvP, despite what the common sentiment is online, and despite Outriders looking like The division scifi edition, I'm glad there's a new player to join the Destiny n Warframe arena.

  3. Do you not see the devs 1st port of call was running of the game……not gameplay not grit not story not action not loot not life of the game……oooh the art style ffs
    I told you anthem would be a shit show months befor launch….oh look now its dead well done you lined their pockets for endless lies

  4. Honestly from what I've played so far of the demo that came out yesterday, it feels like gears of war meets borderlands with a little bit of destiny in there, it also feels much more like an mmo than destiny. I am excited but cautiously optimistic, and even if when it comes out it's not my cup of tea I hope it at least does well in order to give destiny some competition and force it to evolve and innovate.

  5. its not a live service looter shooter so it can never be a Destiny killer. This game will be like Remnant pretty much, a single player game with co-op capability that will only ever get a few DLC's and that's it but not constant updates like a live service game would

  6. Will be a decent to good game from what I've played in the demo but no Destiny killer. Movement is too clunky and annoying getting blocked by objects that could easily be jumped over. Pyromancer is no where even close to the movement and weapon combos of a Warlock in Destiny. Good props for the variety in weapons tho.

  7. In my mind it is not worth it. I enjoyed it up to the point where I had to do the interupts, then I found that to be a pain, and I would rather play Anthem. I am playing solo, and maybe that is the issue, then I'm not going to play it in a group.

  8. Ok so the demo is out and I want to hear your opinion, we're is the video?? Lol hk I know you have to be bussy so take your time. But I am not gonna lie I loved the demo and the story actually has me intrigued, maybe because we don't get stories in our games any more that any story feels amazing. It has a few bugs here and there but my experience was super positive. Hope to hear what you got to say


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