Outriders: Tiago Legendary Farm Method

#Outriders#OutridersLegendaryFarm#OutridersTips – Discover how to get legendaries you want from the Tiago vendor quickly and easily. This can be used to get legendary armor or weapons that you are looking to get directly from Tiago, you can also break them down for the mods or level it up to your mains max level.


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  1. Calls it a farm but requires a max level alt character and also forgets to mention that not only do the costs for legendaries from Tiago go up but the amount of drop pod resources goes up from running expeditions on higher tiers so you can just farm expeditions normally and ignore this

  2. Well, since legendaries dont rotate and they are level 45… you need to do expeditions anyway and to reach wearable level 45 gear, you need to progress in expedition quite a lot 😀

  3. Oh and another small tip for people: With high level chars, you can move items to your f.e. brand new character (other class f.e.) to supply it with money, but also Titanium AND T1 and T2 mods.
    This is important because with new character, sooner or later you will run out of Titanium and since you can buy it in like end of the game, it is extremely rare. So, pushing new character this way could make the game easier for you.
    Dunno about others but i always stuck at some point due to lack of titanium and underleved gear, wasting progress of my World Tier.

  4. There is a better way to get titanium. It is better to SCRAP the weapons and get titanium rather than directly dismantle them. By selling for scrap, you miss out on shards, but you can expect to get 30% – 80% more titanium

    Take epics –> scrap –> go to baily –> buy titanium with scrap –> go to tiago –> buy drop pods with titanium.

    I'm not sure why there is such a wide range of possible titanium increases (like the 30%-80%). I think that scrapping weapons yields a different percentage of extra titanium than armor does, but still testing it out atm.

    This is of course assuming your tier 1/2 mods collection is almost complete. If its not, then I suggest dismantling them to bring your collection up to date, and then using this method.


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