Outriders Worldslayer Insanely Powerful Pyromancer Lava Lich Triple Eruption Build

Here gamers we go over a truly powerful Pyromancer build in the Lava Lich Set this allows us to get an extra 100% damage to eruptions plus 30% cooldown.
This along with the right mods and weapon allow for a truly powerful build as we triple eruption our way to victory and no boss or enemy has a chance against us.
One of the best Lava Lich builds and an alternative if people prefer not to use overheat as one of their skills
00:00 Intro
01:10 Gameplay
02:30 Weapons Armor And Mods
11:52 Skills And Rotation
13:20 Skill Tree
15:05 Pax Tree Points
16:19 Ascension Points
16:50 Outro


4 thoughts on “Outriders Worldslayer Insanely Powerful Pyromancer Lava Lich Triple Eruption Build”

  1. I have been working on a build like this but I can’t get anything to drop and it’s getting ridiculous. Best gear is still from the vendors and it is frustrating that they didn’t learn from the original base game.

  2. I also play with this set, only with ash, heatwave and eruption. This set and the right pieces, are a real b. To get. Still haven't it the way I wanted. It took litterly dozens of full trail runs and at least as much expeditions to get something close as I had in mind. And those dead mods …… annoying as f. The drops are terrible as I wanted to say. 😉


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