Q and A on Outriders with The Crew

We go over our pick for skill trees and answer any questions you have

We are using this skill tree: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1ilZx_abxV-IMIlbVUckIU2Glb0FaZ3_GlqyA4Rqsc0k/htmlview#

We got this from: https://twitter.com/Native_Zero

Next Sunday we will have a surprise guest

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8 thoughts on “Q and A on Outriders with The Crew”

  1. I get the whole "playing aggressive!" and I do like the concept, however watching various vids it seems the character movement is slow and they have the same "wall cover" mechanic as Division and GOW, if you want to play aggressive shouldn't the gameplay be a more fast paced like dashing or jumping side ways rather than the typical roll over?

  2. I hope they add a weapon that's only in the demo (not ness. a legendary but maybe a unquie mod or just cool looking design) so that way u can carry it over to full release. It would be a way of saying thx for playing the demo.. This is assuming they take the demo down after the real game goes live of course. =)

  3. Technomancer isn't the glass canon. They have hella ways to get health back and ways to avoid damage. They stay long range not up close. Tricksters ans pyromancers are the glass canons. Even then trickster has a shield so Pyro is the true glass canon


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