QUICKEST WAY TO REACH APOCALYPSE TIER 40 | Outriders Worldslayer Leveling Guide

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Let’s take a look at the method I have been using to rank up my Apocalypse Tier to 40. This really is a grind so maximizing our efficiency will end up saving us a lot of time in the long run. Hopefully these tips help make the grind a little quicker!

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11 thoughts on “QUICKEST WAY TO REACH APOCALYPSE TIER 40 | Outriders Worldslayer Leveling Guide”

  1. Waiting on the Thermal Bomb build brother. Can’t freaking wait! Still farming out the chest piece and have several apocalyptic versions of the other pieces so I’m excited! The state of the game is freaking great right now. PCF did a good job!

  2. How am I seeing people with 100k firepower and 38k health? Yes I've beaten game, played the original endgame, on highest level I could. What am I doing wrong? I have the best gear I can find. All leveled up. Understand how the mods work. My main character is a technomancer. Is that just a weaker class? This dlc is absurdly difficult and some extra hp would make me hate it less. Although it needs balance. The bullet sponge shit is irritating. It's not clever and it's not difficulty done well. It's, these devs didnt know how to make a good boss, so give tons of hp, add bullshit adds and make them absurdly op. Nothing more.


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