There's nothing MINI about this MINIGUN BUILD | Outriders Worldslayer

There’s nothing MINI about this MINIGUN BUILD | Outriders Worldslayer

Join me as I explain why There’s nothing MINI about this MINIGUN BUILD in Outriders Worldslayer

00:00 Intro
00:38 Build Showcase
03:42 Weapons
06:04 Armor Mods
13:17 Skills and Rotation
14:26 Class Tree
17:36 PAX Choices
19:55 Ascension Points
21:10 Outro and Thanks

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23 thoughts on “There's nothing MINI about this MINIGUN BUILD | Outriders Worldslayer”

  1. I would suggest going bottom tree and going up to grab toxic for Vulnerable.

    Also if you swap Blighted Turret for Fixing wave and take the AP boost talent bottom tree. You can run Toxic lead instead of fixing wave. The Turrets will keep you alive through anything.

    Take the CD reduction nodes and you get down to a 8.3 sec CD on the gun. You can rip shit on a boss by popping off three quick crits for fortress and mages rage. Swap to the Minigum and poof bosses die in less than 5 seconds.

    With the lower CD mobility isn’t an issue. I swap between this build for bosses and flame leper cold snap for trash in trials.

  2. I go cold, snap turret with TOD minigun. Keep the techno set. And I just use mini gun on bosses or tough elites. Have a great gun for trash and with cold snap and turrets fast as anything. I got lucky with status/ anomaly on every piece of gear, and have status on every gun. Got lucky with rolls only use Bang and the 50% cd for mini gun. I rarely run out of ammo. Pop those anomaly buffs before hitting the mini gun.

  3. I would drop masacre, it's better to go with the resistence piercing /armor piercing rout, no need for any activation nodes/mods, and deathronome is the best mod. At 36 I sit at 3.3M AP and with the minigun out 3.6M.

    Plus go with the same build type and blight fire. That makes everything melt.

    Here is my build on the outriders app 3940.

  4. On my minigun build I run the Torrential Downpour set with just two frags. I go bottom tree and with shrapnel having a cooldown of about 6 seconds I constantly have the anomaly boost from the last node and they are a great damage dealer for when I run to the best spot in the arena to deploy the minigun… I love how this game allows so much variations on builds…

  5. Why can't you hit the max 50 percent on the turrets you have you the pax perk that reduces the timer on your skill when you apply a toxic or freeze or burn or maybe throw a cool down mod in the build

  6. I have a MiniGun build which I love. No set bonus just juiced up MiniGun. Does crazy damage.

    The MiniGun suffers no range penalty so you don’t need to move much. If you know the maps well there is usually one golden spot where you can destroy 90% of the map.

    Okriel is a pain solo but if you get used to managing your relocations then that gets easy too.

    Honestly my biggest fear is the Nerd bat.

  7. So happy to see this build get some light. I’ve been running it for a couple weeks, I’ve dubbed it “I’m the turret now” build. A couple tips I’ve found running this 1) get deathronome on your gun for some bonus AP, it’s really the only weapon mod that’s active on the mini gun 2) if you spam fixing wave with quartermaster on cool down you should never run out of ammo so you can probably swap out the 100% ammo for 3) the mod that ups your resistance pierce by 30% with the mini gun out if run unstoppable force. As always love the content. F**** cheers!

  8. The rocket launcher synergies really well with full bottom class tree and scrapnel. Not as survivable but with 11 rockets, 6 scrapnel mines and quartermaster you can really set traps in places where you have time to anticipate bosses (like the bosses in the room of trials for example). Give it a try.

  9. If you want to take advantage of the Techmonger armor set bonus, you should use the tier 3 mod, Cryodown. This decreases the cooldown of your Cryo Turret class skill. That way you can activate it more often.

  10. You can walk at normal speed with the mini gun if you are using a skill with holding down the throw button, ie.. Like throwing turrets, it's not great, but it helps. While the guide path is visible, you walk almost normal.


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