Which Class Is Best For You? | Outriders

In this video, we look at the 4 classes and go over which class is best suited for you. Enjoy!
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24 thoughts on “Which Class Is Best For You? | Outriders”

  1. My Answer: I will master All .

    Just like in Anthem, it all depends what my team picks.
    If my sis picks a Pyro, and my buddy picks a Devis, I'll roll with a Techno, or Trick.
    If my sis picks a Trick and my buddy pucks a Techno, I'll roll with a Devis or a Pyro.
    I prefer to be a versatile player to keep the excitement in the game.
    I will master all classes no doubt!

  2. The only thing I'm a little disappointed about is that there's 4 classes but only 3 players. It irks me a little you can't have every class in a game. I mean sure there will be times you'll be running and gunning with only one class but I think it would be better as 4 players. Get one up on Destiny too haha

  3. I got the PS5 version and already pre-ordered. I'm thinking of going with the technomancer because who doesn't love to heal their team and summon mortars and mini guns LOL

  4. Trickster. When you start getting mods that have DPS/Debuff abilities with your shield up you’re practically a wall of lightning. Good enough for my power fantasy.

    Solo load out; Temporal Slice, Hunt the Pray/Borrowed Time(manual shield generation🤩), and venator’s knife.

    Going for AOE Slow with the knife,
    move in with hunt the pray, followed by a x2dmg temporal slice and shred with weapon of choice.

  5. Am still thinking between the trickster or devastator because am the berserker type of guy or a mix of tank and dps that go in the battle to bring the pain I know it will be more normal for me to go for the devastator but I like the power of the trickster like the time bubble or the teleportation the movement but he can also be do damage at least I hope and the fact that it has a shield can make up for the tankiness it’s so hard to choose

  6. Pyro seems like the least interesting the exploding enemies is cool but its skills just do damage when you could be shooting anyways where as the other classes are utilities and technomancer is more damage WHILE you shoot


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