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In this one we are taking a look at the latest developer news for Outriders and the fact that whoever came up with the idea for the anti duplication system “improvements” needs to be fired. It doesn’t make sense in the slightest and defeats the object of having the system in the first place. Let me know your thoughts in the comments 😀

Here is the link to the dev news article: https://www.reddit.com/r/outriders/comments/og9j0p/outriders_latest_news_and_known_issues_july_8th/

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24 thoughts on “Outriders MEGA ANGRY RANT! | PCF NEEDS to be CLOSED DOWN!”

  1. Mega Rant? Just a second. Grabbing some popcorn. These guys really love messing with the few people still playing this crap. I also find so amusing to watch the other content creators hyped about all the things PCF write on these stupid patch notes. Really? Get your crap together, PCF! Or go play Pokemon! Cheers from Portugal, Bill! Good luck for Sunday's final!!!!! Cheering for England!!!!!!!

  2. Even though we do get dupes again of items we have if it's already god-rolled why does it matter if we already got it duped? not as we can trade. and unless you have 2 of those weapons already or broke up down for the tier 3 mod i don't think it really matters. however, thankfully missions literally take like 2-5 mins to complete. so it's not all bad. I'd be more pissed if each mission took us like 10+ mins just to end up with the same damn shit I already had. Kinda why I hate MMO's. imagine doing a dungeon that takes like 3 hours to complete only to get nothing or to get a item you already had? That happened to me WAY too many times to count.

  3. I would love to use different gears to tackle end game contents. Sadly as the game stands only specific gears can do that. For a looter shooter this removes a lot of the fun aspect off the game.
    I am unable to even tell which mods are working because the game does a poor job at showing me which mod is active.
    When using dps builds with out blighted rounds I run out of bullet too fast.
    Even the smallest npc can easily take half of health bar with a single shot.
    This game has so much potential.

  4. I did about 20 CT15 runs on my devastating last night to try and get the seismic commander set. Came out of those runs with 2 complete Marshals sets and a few statue sets pieces (set I’m currently running). Zero, absolutely zero seismic commander gear.

  5. I literally can't play this game anymore because it's drop chance for me has been nothing absolutely nothing new. I only need 2 steam achievements and can't complete due to this bad system.

  6. This is a case that subscription games would help, I pre-bought this game played all through the launch weekend, I played nothing but this game for 2 weeks after and then had to log in every time I talked to an NPC twice in the row, got tired of it and took a break hoping they would fix it. But in turn I just kept coming back here to learn that it wasn't worth the stress, had this have been a subscription game they would be out of business right now.

  7. The problem with games like this is that they are so fucking jealous of looters like Destiny that they refuse to implement anything that even resembles Destiny even when they know they should

  8. all the legendary and exotics that drop in Destiny ALL HAVE THE SAME POWER DAMAGE OUTPUT !!! they don't fucking fluctuate by almost 10k power, that is fucking bullshit especially when they all roll with the same perks, completely idiotic , keep all legendary weapons the same power output and roll them with unique perks on them

  9. i regret buying this game bc ever since the last patch i havent been able to sign in or anything and after a week of headaches i straight up quit the game and im on pc wtf

  10. So you continue playing this game knowing its 100% a shit game and yet yall keep playing it and keep complaining about it as if all the sudden its going to be the greatest game ever why are you even supporting a company who shat all over you and still continues to do so and you sit their and wonder why you got shit all over you well

  11. All they have to do is implement a unique item timer. After x amount of hours, player receives new item. Once a player has all items, they can work on better roles. Very simple.

  12. Ok how about giving the player an option to choose which slots they want to make available for possible re-roll and which ones they don’t or which slots they want to include in the duplicate drop pool and which ones they don’t? Can these people not think outside of a box?


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