OUTRIDERS | ONE-SHOTTED & PHANTOM DEATHS Finally Acknowledged As A BUG! – (Outriders News)

After Friday’s Mega-Patch, Outriders has been virtually unplayable for a portion of the playerbase due to one-shot kills or phantom deaths. Yesterday, People Can Fly finally confirmed that issue and asked for our help.

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21 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS | ONE-SHOTTED & PHANTOM DEATHS Finally Acknowledged As A BUG! – (Outriders News)”

  1. Maybe I'm just lucky but I haven't had any of these issues, I also never used emergency stance and was still able to clear CTs. I feel they may be right that people were too dependent on that mod for all their damage mitigation, I heard it gave you a 60% damage mititgation and 10% resistance or so, so if you figure that is gone now then yes you will not clear CT as easy as you once did.

  2. If you need validation of your not craziness then you are definitely crazy and you should seek help from a therapist

    What I’m saying is I don’t need the devils to tell me I’m having login problems I knew I was having login problems repetitive consistent and frustrating login problems I didn’t need validation from the bows to know that that was true why would you why should anybody need that validation can you believe what you wanna believe in the devils don’t really have anything to say about it

  3. Bullshit again you know read it is a tiny percentage of the population gave almost there I mean fractional sub fractional Mike are going with zeros behind it before you even get to a number the people that are complaining I’m going to give are a small number of people I’m not saying the problem doesn’t exist I’m saying that most of us are just playing the game and having fun and it’s not a huge deal so they put out a patch been fixed a Tonna shit but broke some other shit which game are you playing but that isn’t the case I mean the one Cersley just one online service and thisYes let’s not kid ourselves and online service inside and Bireli online game and require an Internet connection of laying they patched it now between the demo and the main game white eight times so leave me one online multiplayer game where every patch doesn’t fix some shit but introduce his new problems or which is far more likely reduce his problem is they’ve next previously

  4. Right because it wasn’t just about emergency stamps there are multiple mugs they were not behaving correctly that were faxed regarding survivability parentheses I believe in perseverance shield was not working correctly cancel some players were being affected because they were relying on a crutch or multiple branches that were suddenly ripped from underneath themAnd they’re on top of that the Devs adjusted the scaling

  5. Actually they did it exactly correctly they released it let it heal over the weekend so they can give some database up results to look at on Monday morning and see how it all worked out you don’t behave in a reactionary manner to shit like this that’s what causes more problems

  6. Here's what we know so far: "previously bugged mods were fixed as part of the patch, the difficulty of the game for users who were relying on the mods has changed"
    In other words, even the Dev's were using the "Get Gud" excuse…

  7. Anyone ever experience the menu opening randomly during combat? I'll be in the middle of a gun fight and all of a sudden it pulls up my map on the screen or the inventory.

  8. Let’s just be real, regardless of the armor being bugged still, the game is still poorly balanced for the end game content the fact that enemies practically can still one shot you or damn near close to it is ridiculous. Especially if you’re solo where you don’t get that second chance when playing with a fire team.

    Remember when they stated they wanted the player to feel power, because they understood how an end game grind can be? Yea sure…

  9. On ps4 the login is fixed and you get in first time after Fridays patch. However the balance change to make up for the first time login is that the blue screen frequency is back to that of the demo

  10. Never used emergency stance cleared ct14 gold on my dev now I get slapped in to the middle of next year in a ct12. ct13 and 14 I die instantly they really fucked up the damage mitigation and my healing from bleeds is shit at best

  11. Am I the only one that thinks MP scaling is ridiculous? Before this patch I soloed ct15s all the time. Usually got silver ranks and sometimes gold. But as soon as a player joins the enemy HP SKYROCKETS

  12. My favorite bit is the broken reissued weapons. Seen multiple epics with 2 tier 3 mods. Basically, if you had an inventory wipe and a weapon with a T3 mod on it, it no longer counted as modded when reissued. So you basically got a free T3 mod on an epic. Seen killing spree/dark sac on a few weapons now.

  13. Things I love about games part 1. When there is a bug that benefits the players (such has free loots etc) devs fix the games in the blink of an eye. When there is a bug killing the game there working on it

  14. Started playing Outriders thought it was fun if a bit chaotic, stopped playing pretty quickly after the campaign ended when it became fairly obvious it was just another bug ridden grind fest that just repeats the same thing over and over again to get a slightly better assault rifle. Now I see its heading to that special place where the devs try to please everyone to get them to stay with the game then break it slightly more at each turn.


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